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Here you can find our very best rates for selected domestic and international flights. Find the suitable route below, book now and benefit from our special rates!

  • Fares are indicated for round trip flights and include government taxes, airport fees and surcharges.
  • The total prices are subject to variations in exchange rates on the day of ticket issue.
  • Seats for the fares are limited.
  • Conditions apply.

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AlmatyGBP 381.00
UralskGBP 391.00
AtyrauGBP 392.00
DelhiGBP 409.00
BeijingGBP 419.00
BangkokGBP 460.00
NovosibirskGBP 493.00
YekaterinburgGBP 499.00
BishkekGBP 504.00
AstanaGBP 506.00
UrumqiGBP 603.00