General Conditions of Contract (for group)


We will try to prepare a mutually beneficial agreement that will correspond international practice and airline’s regulations concerning group transportations. Please be aware of some important conditions that the agreement may include: 

Ticketing to be done as per prescribed time limit

Time limits for group bookings: Payment/prepayment deadlines are subject to additional agreement. 

In case of group cancellation the deposit is non-refundable. 

Minimum group size is a permitted group size reduction from the originally requested and confirmed one. 

Voluntary Changes: changes to booking are permitted and applicable fare difference and change fees will apply. 

Date change is permitted for the whole group. Individual date changes are not permitted. 

Name changes are allowed with the limitations. 

Group refund before departure after full payment and ticketing is permitted; refund fees are applicable. 

Refund is not permitted after departure

“No Show”: nett fare is not refundable in case of “No Show”

Unused taxes must be returned to the passenger. 

The carrier is not responsible for visa issues, authenticity and accuracy of documents, issued by the respective state and other competent agencies to submit them for transportation, including expiry date of documents.