Essential Information

Name Change


First or last name change

Passengers with misspelled first or last names are not allowed on the flights of Air Astana.

Passenger’s first and last name on the ticket should be written in Latin letters according to the passport or identity document, with the last name coming first, for example ABDRAKHMANOV / SERIK MR.



Misspelling in the first or last name

In case of misspelling of the first or last name or incorrect order ( the first name must be written after the last name) passengers should send an application for correction in their e-ticket to attaching scanned color copy of the passport or ID card of the passenger. No more than three mistakes in the last or first name of the passenger are allowed for corrections and the sound of the first and last name must not change.

Applications for correction the first or last name from passengers are accepted no later than 24 hours before departure.


Full change of the first or last name

In the case of full change of the first or last name of the passenger, the correction is only possible if there is an official document confirming the change.

Passenger should send an application to the address no later than 3 working days prior to the departure attaching scanned color copy of a new passport or ID card and scanned color copy of document confirming the change (marriage certificate, divorce certificate, etc. ).

If the ticket was issued for the old surname or name of the passenger after the date of registration of the new document (passport or ID card) the application for correction of new surname or name is not accepted, it is necessary to return the ticket with the old data and buy a new ticket.

Changes of the first or last name of the passengers are possible only on the flights operated by Air Astana. There is no additional fee for corrections of the first or last name of the passengers.