"Ab-Initio" pilot training programme


ab initio

Do you want to become a pilot of Kazakhstan's national carrier Air Astana?
Do you dream of airplanes?
Never afraid of challenges you may face?


If yes, then initial pilots training programme of “Air Astana” is for you!

Air Astana operates to the highest standards and recruits only the most suitable candidates for each role within the airline. Therefore, for people with the appropriate abilities, education and motivation, Air Astana provides an opportunity to undergo vocational training in the initial pilots training programme “Ab-Initio”.

Selection of candidates is performed on a permanent basis and includes several stages. Candidates, who are successful on all stages of the selection process, will have an opportunity to enroll to leading aviation schools in the world.


“Ab-Initio” programme requirements:

  • Be between 18 and 34 years old
  • Citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Have completed high-school certificate or equivalent
  • Have good command of English
  • Have good health to meet medical committee requirements
  • Have a clean police record
  • Have a valid international passport
  • Be eligible for Schengen visa. 

Steps to apply for “Ab-Initio” programme:

  1. Please fill out the form

  2. Copies of the documents to be attached:  

    - Filled in form with photo 3*4
    - Copy of passport
    - IELTS certificate if you have one*
    - Kazakhstan medical certificate if you have one*

    *These certificates and Criminal Free Record are mandatory after you pass COMPASS test successfully.

  3. Please send required documents (mentioned above) to Air Astana at:

If the documents are provided according to the list above and satisfy all the requirements, candidate will be invited to pass:

  • English language test
  • SHL tests (VMG verbal analysis ability test and NMG numerical analysis ability test)
  • Evaluation of the candidate's ability to train for a pilot using COMPASS testing system
  • Medical and psycho-physiological examination of the candidate by Kazakhstani Medical Committee (Class 1 certificate)
  • Final assessment with external experts and Air Astana representatives (Flight Operations Department, Human Resources Department).


  • If candidate fails medical examination he/she will be able to re-apply only after successful completion of the medical examination
  • If candidate fails SHL test, COMPASS or final assessment, the possibility of re-apply is determined by the selection committee of “Air Astana”
  • The candidate may be granted only one chance to re-take any of the programme stages
  • Before the start of the programme candidates are required to pass medical examination to receive EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) Class 1 Medical Certificate.