Media Policy 


Air Astana adheres to the principles of the Corporate Media Policy regarding the disclosure of information of the joint stock company and in its interaction with the media. Its fundamental principles focus on regularity, timeliness and efficiency in providing information. In addition, Air Astana is regulated by the provisions of the Law on Media of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The national air carrier actively cooperates with the media both in Kazakhstan and overseas by providing press releases, comments, answers to questions and other information on the airline’s activity, except information that is of a commercial secret.

In addition to prompt coverage of its activity, Air Astana reviews proposals on the following types of information partnership:

  • Dissemination of press materials on flights
  • Implementation of joint projects
  • Product placement

Because representation of the Air Astana brand is very important to us, we strive for cooperation on these matters.

Criteria for Circulation of Press Materials on Board:

  • Preferences of passengers
  • Format and trend of publication
  • Circulation
  • Audience
  • Periodicity
  • Rating of the publication
  • Commercial proposal

Criteria for Implementation of Joint Projects:

  • Practical and public importance of the project
  • Compliance of the project with the philosophy of the brand and business objectives of the company
  • Circulation/coverage
  • Periodicity
  • Volume/Time Needed
  • Audience
  • Rating
  • Commercial proposal

Criteria for Product Placement (video recording or photography of the airline’s personnel, planes, serving process on board, check-in counters, etc.):

  • Practical and public importance of the program/movie
  • Compliance of the program/movie with the philosophy of the brand and business objectives of the company
  • Coverage/Time Needed
  • Synopsis or brief description of the project
  • Target audience
  • Sponsor package (if any)

We do not support film or TV programs which: 

  • Contradict Air Astana’s provisions of aviation safety.
  • May result in violations in the production activity of the company.
  • Contradict the norms of the existing legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Demonstrate air events or hijacks.
  • Contradict the norms of public ethics and morals.
  • Propagandize violence.
  • Contradict the philosophy of the brand and business objectives of the company, which may negatively have an impact on the image of the carrier.

We receive many letters and proposals on a daily basis and apologize that we cannot support all projects. However, we would like to assure you that we review all applications forwarded to our airline provided that:

  • Your proposal includes an official letter with a description of the project and conditions of cooperation.
  • You forwarded your letter prior to implementation of the project.