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Flights to Astana, Kazakhstan

Visit Astana, the Jewel of the Steppes and the new capital of Kazakhstan. Located on the Ishim River, Astana is a fascinating, ultra-modern city with futuristic-style buildings. No trip would be complete without a visit to Baiterek, the emblem of Astana, an observation tower which gives you a stunning view of the city. Other famous attractions include The Pyramid, the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation; Khan Shatyr, a giant transparent tent, the tallest tented construction in the world, and Ak Orda, the new and impressive presidential palace. You can take a walk along the river that bisects the city between the “right bank” and the “left bank” or enjoy a stroll down Republic Avenue, which is the centre of activity with its shops, coffee houses, restaurants and nightclubs. Book your flight to Astana with Air Astana and experience the warmest service from the heart of Eurasia.