Important details

Group booking: as per the airline terminology any requests for booking with the count of passengers exceeding 10 or above is classified as a group space request.

Ticket price includes Nett fare + taxes.

Group Nett Fare depends on the group size, destination, seasonality (high season/low season), travel period and number of available seats.

Airport and other charges to be paid additionally.

Service fee: if you purchase your ticket at our ticketing offices, you will need to pay a Service Fee for tickets that include international flights. To get more information about fees please follow the link

Child discount: please let us know if you are travelling with children, so we can take this into account.
Children under 2 years old can travel on parent’s lap free of charge. If a child has his/ her own seat, usually the normal fare applies. Discount for children 2-11 years old (inclusive) for international travel and 2-14 years old (inclusive) for domestic travel within Kazakhstan is a subject to consideration.

Baggage: the baggage allowance of each person in the group is equal to that of the number of individual passengers. 

Summarizing of norms of free baggage allowance in weight are not permitted. Baggage should be registered for each passenger individually.

If you are travelling with extra piece of luggage or excess baggage to get more information about fares and conditions please click here.

Special assistance or special requests
If you require special assistance because:
• you are ill
• you have limited mobility
• you have an animal pet with you
• you are pregnant
• you need special help
we will try to do our best in order to assist you if you inform us in advance about your needs by writing to the email
To get more information please click here.

Terms and conditions: as soon as the fare for your group is announced and confirmation letter received, we will provide you with a Letter with terms and conditions exclusively for your group.