Essential Information

Electronic Ticket Information

Electronic tickets (e-tickets) modernize your travel experience.

An electronic ticket is no different from a paper ticket – the ticket information is stored on the ET server of Air Astana. Once you’ve booked, you are ready to go. No more worries about losing your tickets.

Reserving an e-ticket is like reserving a paper ticket. However, instead of a paper ticket, you will receive a “Passenger Itinerary/Receipt” containing all flight details and your ticket number. When you arrive at the airport, simply present your passport and a printout of your e-ticket at the check-in counter for your boarding pass.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) mandated that the aviation industry change ticketing from paper to electronic tickets by 1 June 2008.

Air Astana has complied fully with this initiative and is pleased to say that ALL of Air Astana routes are today E-Ticketable.