Essential Information


Smoking is not permitted on board Air Astana aircraft. Smoking is also restricted in many airport terminals around the world. If you wish to smoke in an Airport Terminal Building please ask staff to direct you to an area where smoking is permitted. Fines can be very expensive for ignoring No Smoking regulations.
No. The signals from a mobile telephone may interfere with the communications and electronics on an aircraft, so all airlines have a policy that mobile telephones MUST BE SWITCHED OFF before boarding the aircraft and MUST NOT BE SWITCHED ON AGAIN until you have disembarked from the aircraft.
Laptop computers, computer games and cassette recorders can be used during the flight. However, they must not be used during take-off and landing. If in doubt please ask the Cabin Crew on your flight before using your computer or any electronic equipment.
Yes, it is possible for your pet to travel in the passenger cabin with you. However, there are certain conditions which you must follow. Essentially, your pet must be kept inside a special pet container at all times. The maximum size of the pet container is 30 x 47 x 27 cm (for all aircraft types). The maximum weight is 8 kg (17 lb.) for a pet, including the container. Only one container per passenger is allowed. Alternatively, your pet may be transported as checked baggage and carried in the aircraft hold (2 times the normal excess baggage rates apply) or it can be transported as cargo (special cargo rates apply). Further information can be found in the Carriage of Pets section of this website.