Multiple Destinations


Now you can use this search tool to plan your perfect multi-stop itinerary. It allows you to book your journey with up to 4* flight segments, enabling you to stop off en-route to your final destination. The search tool also enables you to include surface sectors in your journey.

* Including the surface segment (segment in which the passenger travels by a means other than air transportation).

For international passengers travelling via Kazakhstan to their end destination, why not stop off in Almaty and Astana using the Air Astana Stopover Program? Relaxed 15-day visa-free entry to Kazakhstan for selected nationalities now makes this even easier.

Domestic passengers travelling within Kazakhstan over three of four flight sectors will now be able to save time and make one single booking instead of purchasing a series of one-way tickets.

It’s that easy and quick. Simply enter the destinations for up to 4 flights of your itinerary*, add your preferred travel dates and we will find the best itinerary for you. To add a new flight sector click the “Add Destination” button.