Ground Services Department


Ground Services Department is responsible for all ground operations in the entire Air Astana network and ensures that the company’s approved standards are met and the operation is safe, cost-effective and efficient.

Daily operation is comprised of the main two vectors: a) passenger and baggage handling and b) aircraft and ramp handling. Passengers and baggage handling includes check-in, boarding, arrival and transfer activities; baggage activities also cover baggage segregation and prioritization, preparing baggage for transportation and restoring baggage to passenger at arrival.Unlike the first vector of the department’s operation, the second one, Aircraft and Ramp Handling, is less visible but is more complex and technical. Aircraft and Ramp Handling activities include loading and unloading passengers, baggage and cargo to and from the aircraft, providing the weight & balance information of the aircraft. The department is also responsible for ensuring catering and fuel are uplifted on time and last but not least providing de-icing of our aircrafts.

The last aspect of the Ground Services functions is related to Cargo: acceptance of the freight from shippers, weight and volume control, compliance of the freight with dangerous goods regulations, preparation for the flight and others.

Amadeus Altéa Departure Control System was developed in close co-operation with large global airlines and ground service providers; it complements other Amadeus technology solutions. Functionality of this DCS system is based upon Amadeus Altéa DCS’s Customer Management and Amadeus Altéa DCS’s Flight Management. This system solution enables automation of the key flight phase of passengers check-in, provision of high quality service at airport to passengers and facilitates safety and on-time performance of flights.

This project was implemented with the aim of using a more efficient DCS system facilitating the work with code share agreements and aligning with convenient connections of flights operated by partner airlines.


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