Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Air Astana, as the national air carrier of Kazakhstan and a joint venture of BAE Systems and the National Welfare Fund “Samruk-Kazyna” JSC, acknowledges its obligations to the state, investors, passengers, employees, business partners and the public. We adhere to the concept of stable development and participate to the fullest extent in the implementation of the state strategy of transportation field development. Our activities are in accordance with international principles of business ethics.


We strive to contribute to the development of civil aviation in Kazakhstan and to contribute to society by implementing charitable and sponsorship projects. We are active and contribute to public life in the following areas:

  • Environment
  • Education
  • Sports and healthy lifestyles
  • Events of a national scale
  • Culture and arts
  • Public health

The national carrier provides help through low fare and free of charge tickets for certain categories of Kazakhstani citizens and encourages its employees to be involved in social projects. In addition, Air Astana works with charitable organizations and other companies.

It should be noted that Air Astana receives numerous letters daily from individuals and legal entities. Unfortunately, the airline cannot guarantee that all requests will be met.

Requests are to be submitted to:
Tel. +7 727 258 41 35 (ext. 1791)

Criteria for Sponsorship Participation in Projects

The airline will give preference to projects that are identified as a priority and provide for:

  • Raising awareness about the company’s activity in the route network countries. 
  • Involvement of Air Astana’s employees.

Package of documents:

  • Submission letter
  • Brief description of the project 
  • Intended target audience 
  • Sponsorship package

Criteria for Сharity:

Air Astana will consider providing free tickets or discounts to the following categories of Kazakhstani citizens upon a request from individuals or public organizations:

Children from low income families with cancer or cardiovascular disease not treatable in Kazakhstan

Package of documents:

  • Application letter (signed)
  • Copy of referral for treatment in other countries issued by Kazakhstani doctors
  • Copy of invitation by host clinic
  • Copy of child's birth certificate
  • Copy of accompanying person’s passport or identity card
  • Copy of medical opinion issued by Kazakhstani doctors
  • Letter of appreciation (signed)
  • Family’s financial standing documents

Civil Aviation veterans of RoK (only if treatment abroad is required)

Package of documents: 

  • Copy of work record 
  • Copy of medical opinion 
  • Copy of referral for treatment in other countries 
  • Copy of invitation by host clinic 
  • Copy of passport or identity card
  • Copy of TRN 

World War II veterans on domestic and CIS routes

Package of documents:

  • For World War II participants/disabled veterans — a certificate of World War II participants/disabled war veterans, issued by relevant bodies.
  • For other categories of "Veteran of World War" passengers — pension certificate, certified by the pensioning body.
  • For participants of the labor front, workers in the rear - pension certificates certified by the authorities that have designated a special state allowance (SSA) with an inscription of the SSA as a labor front participant or SSA as a workers in the rear.

Note: Since 2002, Air Astana has honored the bravery of Kazakhstani people in World War II by assisting participants to visit their friends and companions-in-arms in different cities of Kazakhstan and the CIS countries. Until 2009 free tickets were available from 1 May to 15 June every year. However, since 2009, our airline has offered all year round 100% discount. It should be noted that the airport and other passenger fees shall be paid by veterans of World War II.

You may book tickets here on our website, by calling our Call Centre: +7 (727) 2 44 44 77, or by calling a ticket office or the closest travel agent in your city.