Air Astana's Airline Partners

Transit passengers traveling through Beijing and further are strongly advised to buy the partner airline tickets for flights not earlier than: 7:30 am at Beijing time, due to the Beijing airport transit counter is closed from 24.00 pm - 6.00 am. Also a transit passenger shall have a printed Boarding Pass for the partner airline flight. You are kindly requested to take into account the above conditions as there is a risk of deportation.

Code Share Agreements

Code Sharing is an agreement between two airlines, which enables the airlines to operate a joint flight on common routes. The airline which actually operates the flight is the operating carrier whereas the other airline, i.e. the marketing carrier, sells tickets for the operating carrier flights.

Air Astana Code Share Agreements:

 Airline  Airline Code
 Air India  AI-098
 Air France  AF-057
 Asiana Airlines  OZ-988
 Bangkok Airways  PG-829
 Cathay Pacific  CX-160
 Etihad Airways  EY-607
 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines  KL-074 
 LOT-Polish Airlines  LO-080
 Lufthansa  LH-220
 Turkish Airlines  TK-235
 UIA Ukraine International Airlines  PS-566

While purchasing a ticket for an Air Astana code share flight, passengers should bear in mind that the operating carrier’s conditions of carriage of passengers, baggage and carry-on bags will apply.


Air Astana Interline Agreements

Another form of agreement between airlines is an Interline agreement. Under interline agreements a single ticket may be issued for an entire journey of the passenger, which may consist of Air Astana and interline partner flight portion(s). With such a ticket, the passenger can travel on a wider network of interlining airline flights.

If a passenger’s journey consists of several flight segments performed by one of the following airlines as part of an interline agreement, the passenger’s baggage can be registered to its final destination. This means that the passengers do not need to pick up their baggage and re-check it at the transfer point. However, the passenger must check in for the next flight of the partner airline at the airport of arrival.

Air Astana Interline Agreements:

Airline Airline Code Airline Airline Code
AccessRail* 9B-450 Hainan Airlines HU-880
Aeroflot SU-555 Hong Kong Airlines HX-851
Air Baltic BT-657 Japan Airlines JL-131
Air France AF-057 Turkish Airlines
Air Malta KM-643 Korean Air KE-180
LOT - Polish Airlines LO-080
Air India** AI-098 Lufthansa LH-220
All Nippon Airways
Malaysia Airlines MH-232
MIAT - Mongolian Airlines OM-289
Azerbaijan Airlines
Bangkok Airways PG-829
Philippine Airlines PR-079
British Airways
Qantas Airways QF-081
Cathay Pacific Airways
Qatar Airways QR-157
China Southern Airlines
Royal Jordanian RJ-512
Czech Airlines
Saudi Arabian Airlines SV-065
Asiana Airlines OZ-988 S7 Airlines S7-421
Delta Air Lines
Singapore Airlines SQ-618
SriLankan Airlines UL-603
El Al Israel Airlines
Thai Airways International*** TG-217
Etihad Airways  EY-607  Ukraine International Airlines  PS-566 
Austrian Airlines OS-257 United Airlines UA-016
Garuda Indonesia
Uzbekistan Airways HY-250
Georgian Airways
Vietnam Airlines VN-738
Hahn Air
Cathay Dragon KA-043
Cayman Airways KX-378 Shandong Airlines SC-324
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines KL-074

*AccessRail issued tickets allow passengers to travel on Air Astana flights and travel further on a train within the network of AccessRail scheduled trains. Baggage is checked to the arriving/departing airport only.
** Through check-in of passengers is not available for International arrivals into India, connecting with domestic flights of Air India within India. In such an instance, the passenger’s baggage is checked to the international arrival airport only.
*** Passenger and baggage through check-in is not allowed for passenger’s planned journey on an Air Astana flight, plus a subsequent Thai Airways domestic flight (and vice versa).

Through Check-in for Interline Flights

Interline through check-in agreements are another form of an agreement between partner airlines. If the passenger’s journey involves an Air Astana flight and a flight of one of the following airlines, passengers and their baggage may be checked till their intended final destination.

Through check-in is possible, provided that the entire journey, including both Air Astana and partner airline’s flights, is issued on a single itinerary.

Air Astana Interline Through Check-in Agreements:

Airline Airline Code Airline Airline Code
 Air Europa  UX-996  flydubai  FZ-141
 Air France  AF-057  KLM Royal Dutch Airlines**  KL-074
 Alitalia  AZ-055  Lufthansa  LH-220
 Asiana Airlines  OZ-988  Malaysia Airlines  MH-232
 Austrian  OS-257  TAROM  RO-281
 Bangkok Airways* PG-829   Thai Airways International***  TG-217
 British Airways  BA-125  Turkish Airlines  TK-235
 Delta Air Lines  DL-006  United Airlines  UA-016
 Etihad Airways  EY-607    

* Through check-in is not available at Lampang (LPT) and Sukhothai (THS) airports.
** Passenger and baggage through check-in is not allowed for an Air Astana domestic flight, plus KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight (and vice versa) from Almaty.
*** Passenger and baggage through check-in is not allowed for passenger’s planned journey on an Air Astana flight, plus a subsequent Thai Airways domestic flight (and vice versa).