Carry Everything You Need for Your Active Holidays for Free

Fond of surfing or diving?  You can now enjoy the privilege of carrying your special equipment for free in addition to your standard baggage.

Carriage of Diving and Surfing Equipment

Divers who travel from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Tyumen, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Omsk and Kazan to Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok can use this unique opportunity to take one package of diving or surfing equipment for free.

Period: till 30 April 2019

One set of surfing equipment weighing 23 kilos maximum may include:

  • a surfboard – not more than 2 pieces
  • fins for the surfboard – not more than 3 pieces
  • a pair of leashes
  • a wetsuit
  • not more than 2 pairs of surfing shoes
  • other accessories with a total weight of not more than 5 kilos.

One set of diving equipment weighing 23 kilos maximum may include:

  • a buoyancy control device
  • a diving suit
  • a diver's helmet
  • one pair of gloves
  • one pair of boots or fins
  • a manometer, a regulator (octopus), a snorkel mask with a tube and other accessories with a total weight of not more than 5 kilos.

A diving lamp may be carried provided that its bulb and battery are disconnected and packed separately. The hull from the lamp (without lamp and battery) can be transported both in checked baggage and in hand luggage. The bulb and battery are transported only in hand luggage*. 

Please make sure that diving bottles are empty and the valves are open for transportation.

An additional place for this free baggage is provided upon check-in. Excess weight of equipment (over 23 kg) shall be charged at the appropriate rate for excess baggageFor additional information and in case of questions please contact

*Please notify the check-in staff if you are carrying a diving lamp in your hand luggage. Transportation of regeneration devices, compressed gas cylinders and chemicals and other devices / accessories that are classified as dangerous goods is strictly forbidden.