Essential Information

For more information, please follow the link

You can use our online booking service or contact the Air Astana booking office or representative office in your country. You can find the contact details of Air Astana booking offices/regional representative offices using the link

Some airports charge a "departure tax" that must be paid by every departing passenger. These taxes are usually included in the total ticket price. However, some airports charge this tax directly when a passenger checks in. When air tickets are booked online via the Air Astana website, the airport taxes are included in the ticket price.

You can find the contact details of Air Astana representative offices and International/Kazakhstan booking offices here. 

Some countries do require entry or transit visas to be obtained prior to your journey. We recommend that you contact the visa/consular division of the embassy of a country that you are visiting or transiting through. Many countries supply visa information on their websites, and you can contact your travel agent to get necessary information. It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure that he/she has all necessary visas and entry/exit permits. You can also find additional information in the Diplomatic Missions and Travelling to Kazakhstan sections of this website. It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure that he/she has all necessary visas and entry/exit permits. For more information, please follow the link

It is very important that you make sure that your passport remains valid for the whole duration of your journey. Some countries require that your passport remains valid for a certain period of time (typically six months). Please check all requirements concerning passports with the embassy of the country that you plan to visit before the journey.

Life insurance is not compulsory and this is a personal choice, but our advice is to obtain insurance coverage for any international trip that you make.

Advance vaccination might be recommended or necessary in some cases, depending on your route or country of destination. If you have doubts, we suggest you to consult your doctor.

In the online booking process, at Step 2 – “Choose your flight”, simply choose the three-letter city code and then you will see a dialog window with the terminal information for that airport. If you have an issued ticket, please follow the link.

The airline strongly advises you to keep your boarding passes and payment documents (receipts and credit card statements). The provision of these documents with the electronic ticket printout is usually sufficient to report your air conveyance costs for deduction, and allows to report VAT for deduction using e-ticket. (For overseas trips it is also required to attach a copy of your passport page with border control stamps on it.)

The airline can confirm the passenger's presence on the flight and issue an official confirmation letter. To receive one: Please send us an application stating the passenger’s name, passport details, ticket number, routing, date of flight and the reason of your inquiry. The document will be issued within 5 business days and is provided free of charge. This procedure is available at all Air Astana booking offices.
Regarding internal routings, you can place an application using the link

You can find information on the exact time of arrival and departure of your flight by following the link.

If you have missed your flight, you need to contact your ticket selling office, or contact our Call Centre so that we could arrange rebooking on the next flight or refund you the ticket cost. Keep in mind however, that tarrification rules apply.

To make a flight, an infant aged 0 to 2 need the accompanying person's ticket and booking request confirmed by the airline.

Generally, flight check-in ends 40 minutes before the scheduled departure.

We recommend arriving at the airport at least 3 hours (international flight) and 1.5 hours (domestic flight) prior to your scheduled departure. Please keep in mind, that check-in for the flight closes 40 minutes before the flight departure, while boarding ends 15 minutes before the flight departure.

In the unlikely turn of events, where our company was forced to move you to the economy class, you will need to contact Customer Relations Service at . You will be asked to attach scan copies of the following documents: passport and boarding pass. Our airline guarantees downgrade compensation in the form of the difference in the sum you paid against the cost of the class you have flown.

You can collect your compensation in ticket downgrade at any ticket selling office of the Air Astana company or the agency you have purchased your ticket from. First, you need to contact Customer Relations Service at In your e-mail letter, you will need to attach the scan copies of the following documents: passport and boarding pass. 

Once that is done, our Customer Relations Department staff will contact and inform you when and where you will be able to collect your compensation.

We encourage you to confirm information about your traveling documents at the embassy or council of the country you are planning to visit.

For this information, we suggest you visit and explore

Your will be asked to show your passport/ID card and printed boarding pass.

Booking changes, Cancellations and Refunds

To change a booking, please contact the Air Astana Call Centre at +7 (727) 244 44 77 or send an e-mail to You can also change your booking at your local Air Astana office. If you have booked through a travel agent, we recommend that you contact them to change your booking. To change a booking made online, please contact Booking changes are made in accordance with fare conditions.
If your ticket was purchased online, you can process refund on our website. Choose the option "Manage My Trip – Refund My Ticket". Also this section will be available here. Please note that the refund can only be credited to the card used to make the online purchase. To cancel and/or get a refund on an unused or partially unused ticket, we recommend that you contact the agent that issued your ticket. You can also call the Air Astana Call Centre at +7 (727) 244 44 77, send an e-mail to or contact your local Air Astana office. Refunds are issued in accordance with fare conditions.

Online Booking

You can buy tickets at Book Flights section of this website. Please refer to the Online Booking Instructions and Help page for more details.
You will need to pay your ticket immediately using a valid credit card (reservations are not allowed).
For the currencies
USD (US dollar),
EUR (Euro),
GBP (British pound sterling),
AED (United Arab Emirates dirham),
THB (Thai baht),
CNY (Chinese yuan),
INR (Indian rupee),
KRW (South Korean won),
HKD (Hong Kong dollars)
it is possible to pay only by credit or debit cards of Visa and MasterCard payment systems, plus the Maestro, Cirrus debit cards issued by Kazkommertsbank only. For the KZT (Kazakhstan tenge) currency you can pay with any Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro and Cirrus cards.
You can either email a message to Air Astana at or use the “Contact Us” section of this website. Your query will be answered by one of our agents.
You will receive an e-ticket, which will be sent via email after the booking. When you receive the ticket via e-mail, simply print it off and present it during check-in.
Air Astana is pleased to offer special meals to suit special dietary needs. You may request a special meal at the time of buying your ticket at Step 4 during booking. Special meals must be requested no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of your flight.
It is not possible to make an online booking for an unaccompanied child. They should be booked with adult.
Our system will accept bookings for children from 2 to 11 years for international routes, and from 2 to 14 years for domestic routes.
No. However, please be advised that the card holder will be responsible for all transactions made during online purchase.
This depends on the ticket rules chosen. You can either send a message to Air Astana, by sending an email to, or using the “Contact Us” section of this website. Your query will be answered by one of our agents.
You are allowed to purchase a ticket up to one hour before departure at Book Flights section and you have a maximum of 20 minutes to complete your transaction.
You can choose your own seat 48 hours before departure at Step 4 of the booking process by clicking on Additional options or by sending an email request to
By selecting “My dates are flexible” you specify that the price is more important than dates of travel and you will be shown other cheap prices available for +/- 3 days.
If you would like to get more detailed information about your reservation (ticket cost, flight number, time of your arrival/departure, fare conditions, airport and fuel charges), please use the Check My Trip facility available on the ‘Manage Your Trip’ tab.
Refunds depend on the fare condition of your booking. To check if you are eligible for a refund, you can go to the homepage. There, you can select the My Booking section and chose the Online Refund service.

An invoice is not required for a transportation service issued as an electronic ticket if the following requirements are met (as per the sub point 2 of point 15 of the article 263 of the Kazakhstan Tax Code): submission of your boarding pass submission of your payment documents (cash or credit card receipts). In case of loss of any documents mentioned above, Air Astana will provide you with the fiscal invoice. To receive the fiscal invoice you are required to provide copies of your e-ticket and Tax Identification Number of passengers (RNN) to the Air Astana’s head office: Air Astana Centre-1, 4 Akhmetov str, Almaty, Kazakhstan or to submit a request by emailing scanned copies of the required documents to:


Smoking is not permitted on board Air Astana aircraft. Smoking is also restricted in many airport terminals around the world. If you wish to smoke in an Airport Terminal Building please ask staff to direct you to an area where smoking is permitted. Fines can be very expensive for ignoring No Smoking regulations.
No. The signals from a mobile telephone may interfere with the communications and electronics on an aircraft, so all airlines have a policy that mobile telephones MUST BE SWITCHED OFF before boarding the aircraft and MUST NOT BE SWITCHED ON AGAIN until you have disembarked from the aircraft.
Laptop computers, computer games and cassette recorders can be used during the flight. However, they must not be used during take-off and landing. If in doubt please ask the Cabin Crew on your flight before using your computer or any electronic equipment.
Yes, it is possible for your pet to travel in the passenger cabin with you. However, there are certain conditions which you must follow. Essentially, your pet must be kept inside a special pet container at all times. The maximum size of the pet container is 30 x 47 x 27 cm (for all aircraft types). The maximum weight is 8 kg (17 lb.) for a pet, including the container. Only one container per passenger is allowed. Alternatively, your pet may be transported as checked baggage and carried in the aircraft hold (2 times the normal excess baggage rates apply) or it can be transported as cargo (special cargo rates apply). Further information can be found in the Carriage of Pets section of this website.


Baggage allowances vary depending on your class of travel. Typically, each Business Class passenger has an allowance of 30 kg, whilst each Economy Class passenger has an allowance of 20 kg. Further information about baggage allowance and hand baggage can be found in the Baggage Allowance section of this website.
Any passenger exceeding the checked baggage allowance per bag will be charged for the excess weight at the applicable rate per kilo. Each piece of baggage must not exceed 32 kg. Please note that where payload restrictions apply the excess baggage will be offloaded first. For more details on excess baggage rates please visit Excess Baggage Rates section of our website.
Security-type attaché cases, cash boxes, cash bags, disabling devices (such as mace, pepper spray, etc), explosives, ccompressed gases (incl. aerosols), flammable liquids, substances with a high oxygen content, e.g. peroxides and bleaching powder, toxic substances, radioactive substances, corrosive substances, magnetic, harmful or malodorous substances and irritants. It is also forbidden to carry firearms, replicas of weapons, daggers, flick knives and other offensive looking articles on your person or in hand baggage. For more information please visit the Dangerous Goods section of our website.
If you are going to take with you any special baggage such as: live animals equipment, technical devises and apparatus vehicle spare parts perishable items, food staff, plants medicines wheelchairs outsized and heavy items fragile items Please contact Air Astana Special Services in advance to get approval for carriage of these items. This is in your interest, because you may not be allowed to carry such baggage if you come to check-in without getting prior approval.

Nomad Club

Please go to the Earning Nomad Club Point section of this website.
Please go to the Earning Nomad Club Point section of this website.
The current list of partners and the terms of their participation can be found in the Partners section of this website. We will be working to expand our partnership network to provide you with more accrual options.
Consult the Award Chart in the Redeeming Nomad Club Points section of this website. Select your award travel zone based on your departure and arrival airports and the desired type of award: economy, business, or upgrade from economy to business. You can select one-way or roundtrip travel awards, but upgrade awards are always one-way. Locate the number of points required in the corresponding cell of the Award Chart.
Unfortunately, at this time we don’t offer this, although it may become available in the future. For now, your quickest option to get the necessary points is to take another Air Astana flight.
According to the Nomad Club rules, you cannot make an award booking unless you have the required number of points available in your account.
Air Astana carefully safeguards your account information. Travel agents do not have access to the computer system which stores your points balance and therefore cannot issue award tickets.
That is quite possible. The number of seats available for Nomad Club redemption on each flight is strictly limited. Other types of tickets have different availability and therefore “revenue” seats may still be available, while “award” seats are not. Your best chance to obtain the seats to your desired destination is to travel during the off-peak season or time of day, book early, and be flexible about your travel dates/times.
Yes. Nomad Club does not restrict who the passenger is on an award ticket and you can give the award ticket to a relative or a friend. However, once the ticket has been issued, name changes are not permitted. Regardless of who the passenger is, you will have to present your passport when collecting the award ticket. Note that sale of award tickets is prohibited. A passenger found travelling on a purchased award ticket will be denied transportation, while the account from which the points have originated will be suspended.
Yes. Within the validity period of your ticket you can re-deposit the points into your account. An administrative fee of 5,000 points will be deducted. Please note that points for expired tickets cannot be re-deposited.
There are a few things you can do. First, ensure that the ticket you are about to book is eligible for points accrual. Most types of tickets are, but certain types of deeply discounted tickets do not earn points. Please review the Nomad Club Terms and Conditions for complete details. Always provide your membership number at the time of reservation and present your membership card again at check-in to make sure that your Nomad Club number has been properly recorded. Keep your ticket receipts and boarding passes until the corresponding flight activities have appeared in your account.
Statements will be sent to you once every quarter if you have any activity in your account.
Yes. You can check your account activity and points balance online at the Air Astana website. You can also call the Nomad Club Service Centre at (7-727) 244 55 30.
Please refer to the Claim Missing Points section of this website. Note that you can claim your points only if at least 30 days have passed from the date of your flight.
Six to eight weeks.
You need to fulfil the criteria required for Elite membership, collecting at least 25,000 flight points (or fly 30 segments) in a calendar year for a Silver level and 50,000 flight points (60 segments) for Gold. If you are an Elite member in other airline programmes, please contact the Nomad Club Service Centre to verify if you may be eligible for a one-time complementary Elite membership.
The qualification year is always the calendar year which is from 1 January to 31 December. If you joined our programme in March, your qualification period becomes a little shorter – from the joining date to 31 December.
Those who usually fly long-haul will find it easier to qualify based on flight points, while those who fly short-haul will find it easier to qualify based on flown segments. Both types of passengers are important to us and that’s why we established two types or qualification criteria.
You should normally get your Nomad Club Elite card by courier delivery within 2 to 4 weeks after your qualifying flight. Please contact the Nomad Club Service Centre if 4 weeks have passed and you haven’t received the card.
You will receive your Elite benefits from the date of qualification until the end of the year in which you qualified, plus 14 months. For example, if you became a Nomad Club Silver member on 28 May 2008, your Silver membership would have been valid until the end of February of 2010. If you further qualified for Nomad Club Gold in November (or any other month) of 2008, you would have become a Nomad Club Gold member and received Gold benefits until the end of February of 2010. However, in order to continue receiving your Elite benefits beyond 1 March of 2010, you would have been required to again meet the qualification criteria during the 2009 calendar year.
Due to current infrastructure limitations, not all airports in Kazakhstan are equipped with automated check-in systems. There are plans to automate them in the near future. In the meantime some activity tracking will rely on manual processes which are not 100% error proof. In addition, there are many other reasons beyond Air Astana’s control – such as when the name on your ticket and the name on your membership card are not the same.

Special Needs

We are glad to offer a variety of special meals that have been created to suit many specific requirements. Click here for more info.

You can order a special meal 

  • while booking process on our website or 
  • when you book a ticket with ticketing or travel agencies; 
  • via Manage my booking service on our site; 
  • you may also contact our 24 hour Call Centre on +7 (727) 244 44 77 or send an e-mail to

Special meal must be requested at least 24 hours prior to departure. Please check the special meal availability on your flight by contacting our Call Centre on +7 (727) 244 44 77. Click here for more info.

We are offering a wide array of dishes at your demand: 

  • vegan dishes - VGML, 
  • indian cousine (non-vegetarian) - HNML, 
  • baby nutrition - CHNL, 
  • nutrition for infants - BBML, 
  • light meals - BLML, 
  • diabetes-friendly meals - DBML, 
  • fruit plate - FPML, 
  • gluten-free dishes - GFML, 
  • kosher meal - KSML *
  • low calorie meal - LCML, 
  • low-fat meal - LFML, 
  • low-salt meal - LSML, 
  • lactose-free - NLML, 
  • raw vegetables - RVML, 
  • muslim meal - MOML, 
  • dishes for lacto and vegetarians - VLML, 
  • jainistic vegetarian meals - VJML, 
  • eastern vegetarian meals - VOML

(* kosher food isn't served on flights departing from Kazakhstan).

Yes, child fare is available and discount is applied to the basic ticket cost. Child fare is not applicable on the special tariffs. For additional information, you can contact  Сall centre: mob. +7 702 702 44 77, Almaty +7(727)2444477 and Astana +7(7172)584477; or send us an e-mail to Please click here for Fares and Fare Rules.

Lap babies (2 year old) that do not occupy a full seat are eligible for free flights.

Passengers traveling with their children (age of 1) can utilize baby cradles depending on the type of the aircraft. In order to reserve a baby cradle, you need to reach out for your travel agency or contact us directly through the e-mail Click here for more info.

Air Astana is pleased to welcome unaccompanied children in both domestic and international flights, ranging from 6 to 15 years inclusive. For additional security, unaccompanied minors will not be accepted for all Domestic and International flights of JSC «Air Astana» from 23:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. (at the point of origin), even in case of absence of alternative flights. Regardless of arrival time. Click here for more info.

Please note that we cannot accept unaccompanied children for travel on connecting flights that require a change of aircraft. Exception: Unaccompanied Minors will be accepted on transit flights from Almaty via Astana to London, Frankfurt, Paris. Transit stop in Astana should not exceed 2,5 hours. Click here for more info.

Air Astana does not charge for accommodating service of unaccompanied minors. Click here for more info.

For additional security, unaccompanied minors will not be accepted for all Domestic and International flights of JSC «Air Astana» from 23:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. (at the point of origin), even in case of absence of alternative flights. Regardless of arrival time.  Click here for more info.

Yes, subject to conditions. Your pet must be kept inside a special pet container at all times. The maximum size of the pet container is 30 x 47 x 27 cm (for all aircraft types except the Embraer 190, where the container should be no larger than 29 x 43 x 26 cm in order to fit under the seat). The maximum weight is 8 kg (17 lb) for a pet, including the container. Only one container per passenger is allowed. Alternatively, your pet may also be transported as checked baggage and carried in the aircraft hold (2 times the normal excess baggage rates apply) or it can be transported as cargo (special cargo rates apply). Birds and rodents cannot travel in the passenger cabin but can be transported in the cargo hold. In case you need to transport small fish: an aquarium or glass jar with a cover (with apertures for air) and the minimum quantity of water necessary for the wellbeing of the fish, you cannot transport fish in open plastic bags. Please send notification of your intension to carry animals and fish on board Air Astana flights at least 24 hours in advance of your flight departure, to either your travel agent or to the Air Astana Special Services desk ( Further information can be found in the Carriage of Pets section of this website.

You will be asked to provide the following documents for transporting of pets: 

  • pet’s passport; 
  • a veterinary certificate;
  • an identifying micro chip or tattoo for European countries*. 

*This is not necessary when transporting animals within Kazakhstan or to Russia. Click here for more info.

Yes. These is a range of services with guidelines on what you can expect from us. Wheelchair for passengers who can ascend and descend steps and make their own way to and from the cabin seat but require wheelchair assistance to cover long distances. Wheelchair for passengers who cannot ascend and descend steps (requiring carrying), but are able to make their own way to and from cabin seat (these passengers also require a wheelchair to cover long distances). Wheelchair for passengers who are completely immobile and require a wheelchair to and from aircraft (who must be carried up and down steps, and to and from their cabin seat). If you have your own wheelchair it will be carried as checked baggage free of charge. Passengers who can be transported only on stretches can be accepted for transportation on Air Astana flights. Each stretcher case must be accompanied by at least one additional passenger. In order to give our passengers the best possible assistance, please send all relevant information to us at least 24 hours before departure (72 hours for stretchers). To request special assistance, please e-mail us at  Click here for more info.

According to the rules of Air Astana, expectant mother with a pregnancy to 22 weeks are transported without the provision of doctor certificate about the possibility to travel. Expectant mothers with a pregnancy from 22 weeks until 34 weeks inclusive in singleton pregnancies ( 22-32 weeks inclusive of multiple pregnancy) can be accepted for air carriage only if there is a doctor certificate of medical organizations about pregnancy and good health. Expectant mothers with a pregnancy of over 34 weeks in singleton pregnancies (over 32 weeks with multiple pregnancies) are carried on the findings of the Medical Consultative Board or equivalent competence doctor’s comission.  Air Astana is eligible to refuse to transport Expectant mother even due to availability of medical certificate, if the delivery date is expected in the nearest 7 calendary days. Depending on her overall physical condition, the pregnant passenger may not be accepted for transportation by the decision of the flight crew and ground services. Click here for more info. 

Please contact your local Air Astana office and we will make every effort to meet your needs. Call Centre tel: +7 702 702 44 77, +7 (727) 244 44 77 (Almaty), +7 (717) 258 44 77 (Astana) or send an e-mail to

Web Check-in

Web Check-In is a fast and convenient way to check-in for your flight On the day of departure, you can: Check-in for your flight and check-in passengers travelling with you Select your seat on the plane Print your boarding pass Complete your personal details required by the customs services
You can check-in online for your Air Astana scheduled flight and for any connecting flight(s) The following passenger categories have to check-in at the airport: Unaccompanied minors Passengers with an extra seat Passengers on a stretcher
To check-in, you have to complete these steps: Identification Booking selection Passenger selection Confirmation Personal data update Boarding Pass printing You can also use the following services if needed: Seat change Frequent Flyer update
To identify, you need to enter the following information: Surname: as it is written on the booking confirmation Boarding point: The name of the airport you initially depart from A form of identification. Your booking can be retrieved by different means: Booking reference: A 6-digit alphanumeric code (e.g. ABC123) Ticket number: A 13-digit number (e.g. 4652400623623) Frequent flyer number: A frequent flyer number for one of the passengers on the booking (e.g. 102061982) Passport Number: A number (up to 25 characters) The identification will be complete only if the form of identification is on the booking. The Booking Reference and the Ticket Number are always listed on the booking.
If you are travelling with friends or family, you can check in together by ticking this box, even if you are on different bookings.
More than one booking may be retrieved. In this case, you have to select the booking you want to check-in for. If you have only one booking, this screen will not appear.
Some passengers may already be checked-in or these passengers may have requested extra-services which are only available at airport check-in. The passenger names are displayed for informational purposes but no modification can be made for them. If you have a request regarding any passengers, please call customer services or contact an airport agent.
If you are travelling with other people who are on the same or another booking, you can add them to check-in and be seated together. These passengers must be on the same flight and in the same class listings as you in order to be accepted by the check-in process.
The frequent flyer is displayed if it is found on the booking. If you do not see it this means that the frequent flyer is not on the booking. You can add it by clicking on the "add frequent flyer" button.
Some flights are on different airlines and cannot be checked-in online. You need to go to the airport to check in for these flights.
On domestic flights, you can sit wherever you want on the plane. Boarding is on a first boarded, first served basis. Therefore, you cannot select your seat for these flights.
On international flights, some countries customs require specific passenger data before you are allowed to enter the country. For these flights, we have to enter the data before allowing you to board the plane. You can use Web Check-In to enter the data. If you don't have the data, you can still check-in but you will have to provide the data at the airport before you can obtain your boarding pass. The airline does not use the data provided for any other purpose than to fulfill customs requirements. Your data will not be stored nor used once the custom process is completed.
Some security requirements forbid us to print boarding passes. In this case, the security reason is displayed next to the passenger name. You are still checked-in and you can collect your boarding pass at the airport once security requirements are complete.
To select a seat, you have to select a passenger on the left column and then select an available seat on the seat map. You can do that for all passengers in your party and then confirm the new seat or cancel the seat change and return to the confirmation page and have the previous assigned seat.
It may happen that while you were selecting your seat, another passenger requested the seats you selected. In this case, other seats have been assigned to you. You can return to the seat map to request other seats. Another possible reason is that you you swapped seats between the different passengers of your group. You should instead keep your seats and change them once you are on the plane.
Only airline and airline partners frequent flyer cards can be used. If your frequent flyer programme does not appear on the list, you cannot apply for miles for this flight.
If you only carry hand baggage, you are advised to arrive not later than 15 minutes before the flight time, stated in your ticket
As the result of your online registration, a boarding pass is formed and sent to you as a PDF file via your e-mail. Now you can print it out and take it with you to the airport. However, if you lack the opportunity to do so, do not worry: you can receive your boarding pass at the registration desk at the airport. Please, keep in mind, that once registration for the flight is over, boarding pass for this flight can no longer be issued.