Corporate Secretary


The position of Corporate Secretary was established based on the decision of the Board of Directors of Air Astana on 6 December, 2007. Ms. Yelena Kondachkova was appointed as a Corporate Secretary.

The Corporate Secretary has the key role in an open dialogue between the Board of Directors and the Executive Body. The Corporate Secretary should ensure smooth coordination between the Company’s bodies, and the performing by the bodies of the Company the legislative and corporate requirements.

The Corporate Secretary should ensure due consideration by the Company’s relevant bodies of the shareholders’ appeals and settlement of conflicts related to violation of shareholders’ rights.

The responsibilities of the Corporate Secretary should include ensuring a steady flow of information within the Board of Directors, its Committees, as well as between the Executive Body and the Board of Directors and also assistance in the process of initiation of new Directors.

The status, functions and duties of the Corporate Secretary are established in the internal documents of the Company.

Appointment and dismissal of the Corporate Secretary is the responsibility of the Board of Directors.