New Route: Astana – Kazan

From 3 June 2018 fly to Kazan directly from Astana and enjoy additional frequencies on Wednesday and Thursday starting from September 2018.

The Istanbul of the Volga, the center of the world Tatar culture, and the sixth most populous city with one of the highest standards of living in Russia – it's all Kazan, this treasure trove embodying the colorful and peaceful blend of Muslim and Christian cultures. Kazan’s rich history, imbued with its unique culture, makes it a truly amazing place to visit.

Days of Service
Flight No. Departure Arrival AC Type Duration
 Astana – Kazan
Sun  KC 159  13:05  12:40  E90  2h 35m
 Wed*  KC 159  05:25  05:00  E90  2h 35m
 Thu*  KC 159  20:55  20:30  E90  2h 35m
 Kazan – Astana
Sun  KC 160  13:40  19:00  E90  2h 20m
 Wed*  KC 160  06:00  11:20  E90  2h 20m
Thu*  KC 160  21:30     02:50+1  E90  2h 20m



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*Starting from 5-6 September 2018.

**The timetable is for information purposes only and may not reflect the latest schedule changes. For latest timetable information please use the live timetable.