Nomad Club Online Redemption and Booking Terms and Conditions


Please read these Terms and Conditions before using the Nomad Club online redemption and booking service.

1. General Terms

Air Astana retains the right to amend Nomad Club Online Redemption and Booking Terms and Conditions without prior notification of the Passenger. Any modifications in Terms and Conditions will become valid upon being published at the Air Astana website.

Air Astana provides you with the facility to book and purchase tickets via its website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is allowed to book up to 9 passengers per one booking. This means that you are not allowed to book a group of more than 9 passengers including children and infants. Child is defined between 2 - 11 years old (inclusive) for international flights, between 2 – 14 years old (inclusive) for domestic flights, and Infant is a baby under 2 years old. The age of the Infant must be less than 2 years old at all travel dates. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Children or infants cannot be added to the ticket after the booking has been made. For detailed information please see the section Children, Infants and Unaccompanied Minors Policy.

During the online redemption and booking process you can specify your seats and meal preferences. An E-ticket will be sent to your email address immediately after you finish your booking. Then simply print off your E-ticket and show it at the check-in desk with a valid identification document specified during the booking process. The following identity documents are valid for air carriage within Kazakhstan only:

  • passport;
  • national identity card; 
  • residence permit of a foreign citizen in the Republic of Kazakhstan; 
  • card of a stateless person; 
  • certificate of a refugee;
  • birth certificate (for persons aged under 16).


Tickets can be purchased up to five hours before departure on our website.

Seat selection service allows you to select available seats in both Business (subject to aircraft type) and Economy classes. The seats you choose will be pre-assigned for you; in case you forget to select seats during the online booking process, please contact our Call Centre by phone number +7 (727) 244 44 77 or address your e-mail to However, the service is provided for your convenience only and seat(s) cannot be pre-assigned for you in case of aircraft change to another type; if there are more than two infants in a row and if the seats you have chosen are emergency seats. Selection of seats does not guarantee that you will be given the exact seats you have chosen in online booking. 

Air Astana offers Check My Trip service if passengers would like to see Flight Details, Fares, Fare Conditions and Taxes. For this information, passenger can follow the link Manage Booked Trip and specify Passenger’s Surname and Booking Reference number (6 alphanumeric code). As a result, the passenger will be able to see the Itinerary page – the same page that appears at the end of the booking process immediately after the payment is done.

2. Award Availability

There are no blackout dates for Nomad Club awards. Award seats will be available on all flights, however Air Astana reserves the right to limit availability of seats for flight or upgrade awards on all flights and in all classes of service. Seats may still be available for sale, but not available for Nomad Club redemption. Members are advised to book well in advance for popular destinations and/or for peak season travel. Air Astana may at any time modify the number of points required to obtain a particular award, withdraw an award, or impose a period in which no awards will be available.

2.2. Children and Infants

Children over two (2) years of age require the same number of points for awards as adults. Infants under two (2) years of age, not occupying a seat, travel free as long as they are accompanied by an adult award traveller. There is a limit of one infant per adult award traveller.

2.3. Transferability of Awards

In order to transfer awards to another individual it’s necessary to fill in the required fields of the online booking engine with your membership details as a grantor and details of a traveling passenger. Points required for a travel of another individual will be redeemed from the account of the member – grantor, logged in the system during the online booking.

2.4. Open Date/Wait-list/Standby

All segments must be confirmed. No open-dated tickets, wait-listing, or standby travel is allowed for Nomad Club awards.

2.5. Stopovers

One stopover is allowed on flight award itineraries in case Air Astana does not provide direct flights to a preferred destination. Stopover should not exceed 24 hours. Upgrade award stopovers are subject to the conditions of the original ticket.

2.6. Open Jaw Tickets

Open jaw tickets are allowed (i.e. passenger may arrive in one city and return from another) as long as both cities are within the same award zone.

2.7. Validity of Awards Tickets

Award tickets are valid for one year after the date of issue stated on the ticket. Validity of award tickets cannot be extended and points for expired tickets cannot be reinstated.

3. Application of Fare Conditions

During the booking process the Client should familiarize himself/herself with Fare Conditions applied to the chosen class of service. Fare Conditions are shown at Step 4 and in the Confirmation of reservation. The Client accepts the Fare Conditions by ticking the check box and confirming that he/she agrees with given Fare Conditions of the ticket.

Air Astana reserves the right to change the fare parameters in relation to rebooking, cancellation, no show in any of the stated Fare Conditions. These changes will not affect already purchased tickets.

3.1. Change of Travel Dates

Changes to date of travel of Award ticket can be made free of charge only once, and if seats are available in the designated award booking classes. All the following changes to Award ticket require the return of the Award ticket with the subtraction of 3,000 points from the personal account or payment of a fine of 5,000 tenge (KZT) and reissue of a new Award ticket. Points for partially used or expired tickets cannot be re-deposited. To change an Award ticket Member should contact the Nomad Club Service Centre.

3.2. Other Award Changes

Changes of routing, class of service, name, and all other changes require a re-depositing of the old award and issuance of a new award. Unless the Member has sufficient points for the new award, the old award must be re-deposited before the new award can be issued. Members must allow at least seven (7) working days for Nomad Club Service Centre to process award re-deposit.

3.3. Re-Depositing of Unused Awards

Once points are withdrawn from member account during the online redemption an award ticket is considered as issued. Points for wholly unused flight awards can be re-deposited to the account from which it was issued with a deduction of 5,000 points. Members must forward the wholly unused and valid award ticket to the Nomad Club Service Centre along with a request to re-deposit the award. To re-desposit of unused Award ticket Member should contact Nomad Club Service Centre Please allow up to seven (7) days for processing. Points for partially used or expired tickets cannot be re-deposited.

3.4. No Show

Members traveling on award tickets who fail to show up for the flight for which they are holding a confirmed reservation will be considered a no-show and may be assessed a re-booking fee in the amount of 3000 points or 5 000 tenge. Date of travel for partially used tickets with expired date of travel cannot be changed.

4. Lost/Stolen Award Tickets

Standard airline procedure for lost/stolen ticket re-issue applies for lost/stolen award tickets. Please contact the nearest Air Astana ticketing office or Nomad Club Service Centre for information.

5. Upgrade Award

Upgrade Award cannot be booked online. To book an upgrade award member has to address to Air Astana ticketing and reservation office and Nomad Club Service Centre to process manual points redemption. For detailed information refer to Nomad Club Terms and Conditions.


All surcharges, taxes, and fees are responsibility of the member redeeming an award and must be paid at the time of ticketing.

6.1. Tax Refund

For refund of taxes paid for an award ticket Air Astana general terms and conditions on ticket refunds are applied.

For refund of taxes paid for an unused award ticket please contact the Air Astana Call Centre at +7 (727) 244 44 77or email

7. Password

A password is needed to access Nomad Club account information, modify member profile and issue award ticket online. Such a password will be issued when a person applies for Nomad Club membership through Air Astana website or logs into his/her personal account using an existing membership number for the first time.

Members are responsible for safeguarding their password and should not share them with anyone.

Members are responsible for all transactions made with the use of their passwords with or without members’ knowledge or consent. Air Astana is under no obligation to verify the authenticity of any person who performs transactions through the use of a valid password.

Air Astana will not be held liable for any loss or damage due to unauthorized use of passwords.

8. Online Security

For security reasons Air Astana does not keep sensitive information such as Credit or Debit Card numbers, CVC/CVV codes and expiry dates. All transactions are conducted by companies who are fully certified by Visa, MasterCard and American Express payment systems.

Air Astana takes all necessary precautions in order to secure information and keep any sensitive information confidentially. All sensitive passengers’ information is secured and encrypted as it travels over the Internet. When the Client proceeds to the Payment page the information is transferred and encrypted by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol.

Air Astana operates privacy policy to protect and safeguard the privacy of personal information of the Passenger. At Step 3, you are required to provide such detailed information as Passenger’s First name, Passenger’s Last name, and your contact information in order to process an airline booking. This information will be used for the purposes of providing you with air transport services. It will also be used to notify you about any schedule changes in, or cancellations of, your flight(s). Air Astana will not, by any means, transfer personal information about Passengers to the Third Parties with exception of cases when this may be required by an official request of respective authorities and police.

8.1. Use of Credit or Debit Cards

To pay for taxes, airport fees and surcharges, the Client may use a valid credit or debit card. Air Astana accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards from any bank with particular exceptions listed below.

For the currencies USD (US dollar), EUR (Euro), GBP (British pound sterling), AED (United Arab Emirates dirham), THB (Thai baht), CNY (Chinese yuan), INR (Indian rupee), KRW (South Korean won), HKD (Hong Kong dollars) it is possible to pay only by credit or debit cards of Visa and MasterCard payment systems, plus the Maestro, Cirrus debit cards issued by Kazkommertsbank only.

For the KZT (Kazakhstan tenge) currency you can pay by any Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro and Cirrus cards.

It is not compulsory for a card holder to be a passenger. However, please be advised that the card holder will be responsible for transactions made online via the Air Astana website.

Your credit card will be debited immediately after you click on the “Pay” button at the Payment Step.

8.2. Anti-fraud Procedures

Air Astana considers an illegitimate use of credit cards as a very serious threat imposed both on the cardholder and the airline. To prevent such a misuse, Air Astana operates anti-fraud procedures.

The passenger should present the credit card used for the online booking at the time of check-in or boarding for verification.

The passenger should present a physical credit card used for the online booking at the time of check-in or boarding for verification.

Online transactions made by using Corporate Cards and American Express credit cards are not protected by 3DSecure technology and they are high risk transactions for Air Astana. Therefore, Air Astana requires the passenger to present additional documents (credit card and ID) at the airport check-in. Copies of these documents may also be required if IP addresses of high risk fraudulent countries such as USA, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, Mexico, and Canada are used for the booking. 

In case of suspicion of fraud, Air Astana reserves the right to make a complete investigation, contact a passenger, cancel a ticket and report the fraud details to respective authorities and police. Any passenger found to be travelling on a fraudulently purchased ticket will not be allowed to board and be blacklisted.

8.3. Nomad Club awards

Nomad Club awards cannot be sold, purchased, bartered, or exchanged for cash. If Air Astana has sufficient grounds to believe that a ticket or upgrade has been obtained as a result of such fraudulent activity, it can refuse transportation to the passenger holding such ticket or upgrade, confiscate the ticket, and terminate the Nomad Club account from which the award was redeemed. All unused points in the terminated account will be cancelled.


9. Currencies

Air Astana processes transactions in a variety of currencies generally based on the currency of the country of departure. Kazakhstan tenge (KZT) is accepted within Kazakhstan routes, flights from Kazakhstan to international cities and flights from any international city to Kazakhstan, if a Resident of Kazakhstan option is selected.

EUR (Euro) is accepted for payment of flights departing from Europe and USD (US dollar) for all other destinations; exceptions: GPB (British pound) from London; AED (Arab Emirates dirham) from Abu Dhabi; THB (Thai baht) from Bangkok; CNY (Chinese yuan) from Beijing, Urumqi; KRW (South Korean won) from Seoul and INR (Indian rupee) from Delhi.

9.1. Foreign Currency Transaction Fees

Air Astana charges the exact amount of the price shown at the moment of purchase without applying any exchange rate, foreign currency transaction or service fees. Your issuing bank or payment system may apply its own inter-bank exchange rates, foreign currency transactions or service fees. If you do not know your bank currency exchange, foreign currency transactions and service fees policy, you are advised to contact your bank before you pay. By clicking on the “Pay” button you confirm that you have been advised of this. Air Astana cannot be held responsible for any supplementary fees applied by your card issuer or payment system. Currency Converter at Step 3 under section “Price” is included solely for your convenience.

10. Kazakhstan Residency

Please note that Kazakhstan currency regulation requires its residents to transact in Kazakhstan tenge (KZT). Therefore, we need to ask if you are a Resident of Kazakhstan. If YES – your transaction will be conducted in Kazakhstan tenge (KZT).

The Kazakhstan currency legislation presents the following definitions of residents: the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including those who are living abroad temporarily or who are in public service beyond the bounds of the Republic of Kazakhstan, apart from the citizens of Kazakhstan with the right to permanent residence in a foreign country, granted in accordance with the legislation of this country, foreigners and people without citizenship with the right to permanent residence in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Air Astana does not bear any responsibility if passengers specify residency incorrectly.

10.1. Passport Details

The form of identity submitted during the booking process will be required at the time of your check-in. For international travels, an International passport (to be used in the Booking process at the Step 3, Passengers information) is required. National ID details may be indicated during the booking process if the passenger is a Kazakhstan citizen travelling within Kazakhstan or to/from Russia; internal passport details may be indicated if the passenger is a Russian Federation citizen travelling to/from Kazakhstan.

For citizens of the Russian Federation who do not have their names written in Latin in passport, it is allowed to write their names in Latin letters during the booking process. The number of the passport will be used as the main identification of the passenger. If the passport number also has Cyrillic letters, it is strongly recommended that you do not indicate them in the booking; only numbers should be filled in.

11. Online Customer Support

The preferred media of communication is email messages. Email requests are handled with the highest priority. However, Air Astana will not accept responsibility in case of improper operations of email systems, including spams, email blocks by antivirus filters and systems, etc. which are beyond control of Air Astana. If you do not receive a response or acknowledgement, we recommend you contact our Call Centre +7 (727) 2 44 44 77 or by duplicating email to

11.1. Nomad Club Service Centre

For information about Nomad Club please contact or call to Nomad Club Service Center at +7 727 244 55 30. The Service Centre operates Monday to Friday 8.00-17.00 Astana, Kazakhstan time (GMT+6), excluding official public holidays.

12. Confirmation letter

Air Astana passengers can apply for a Confirmation letter by filling out the form in "My booking" section.


13. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By clicking on the Check box of accepting Terms and Conditions at Step 4, the Client confirms that he/she is familiar and agrees with the Nomad Club Online Redemption and Booking Terms and Conditions, Nomad Club Terms and Conditions, Fare Conditions, General Conditions of Contract and Rules of Air Carriage of Passengers and Baggage and will not dispute them in future.