Free Wi-Fi for Diamond members

Nomad Club Diamond is the highest participation tier in our frequent flyer programme. In recognition of their loyalty to Air Astana, Diamond members are rewarded with a range of exclusive privileges. Free internet access is one of many advantages offered to our Diamond members. You can easily connect to free Wi-Fi indicating your Diamond membership number and seat number. Use free Wi-Fi package of 50 MB and stay connected while in the sky.

Important Information:

The MY WI-FI service does not require any application downloads prior to the flight.

Switch your personal device to airplane mode and the crew will advise when the MY WI-FI service is safe to use during the flight.

Steps to connect to Wi-Fi network:

  1. Switch your personal device to airplane mode
  2. Activate the Wi-Fi connection
  3. Connect to “mywifi” network
  4. Open an internet browser (eg Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer)
  5. Enter mywifi into browser
  6. Select “ENTER” and the homepage will be shown
  7. Select the “MY WI-FI” tile
  8. Select “I am a Nomad Club Diamond Member”
  9. Enter a Nomad Club membership number, your seat number and accept the Terms and Conditions. 
  10. You are now connected!

To return to the MY WI-FI homepage at any time, please enter mywifi into browser.

You now have Wi-Fi Connectivity on board!

The additional information can be found here.