Essential Information

Smart baggage

Smart baggage – is a recently developed innovative baggage (bags, suitcases, etc.) with integrated and installed lithium batteries, motors, GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, RFID or Wi-Fi. It also might have lithium ion battery power banks to charge electronic devices such as mobile phones and other gadgets. Smart baggage can be dangerous because of installed lithium batteries and electromagnetic field emission that interferes with the aircraft systems.

If you wish to take this type of baggage onboard, please make sure that all installed lithium batteries* are removable. Any installed lithium batteries must be removed prior to check-in; all electronic items must be deactivated. 

Removed batteries must be taken into the cabin and carried as a cabin baggage only. 

Baggage without batteries can be carried either as checked baggage, or in the cabin, if its dimensions (and quantity) are in compliance with Air Astana rules on hand baggage allowance.

Air Astana reserves the right not to accept the smart baggage with non-removable lithium batteries.

* The Watt-hour rating of lithium-ion batteries must not be more than 100 Wh/h, or in case of Air Astana permission - no more than 160 Wh/h.