More Flights to Antalya

Ready for a summer vacation? Throughout summer season we are happy to introduce more frequencies to Antalya, so you may choose more convenient departure time for your trip. Get your tickets today and visit one of the tourism capitals of the world. 

Whether you prefer a lazy and relaxing beach holiday or an educational tour around antique ruins and well-preserved Ottoman architecture, rest assured that Antalya has something for everyone.

 Days of Service Flight No. Departure Arrival AC Type   Duration
Almaty – Antalya  
 Daily  KC 915  09:45  12:40
 B757/767  5h 55m
 Thu, Sat  KC 9150  17:50  20:50  B767  6h 00m
 Antalya – Almaty  
 Daily  KC 916  13:40  21:45  B757/767   5h 05m
 Thu, Sat  KC 9160  21:50  05:55+1  B767  5h 05m



 Days of Service Flight No. Departure Arrival AC Type   Duration
 Astana – Antalya  
 Wed, Sat, Sun  KC 215  08:05  11:10  B757   5h 20m
 Fri  KC 215  17:20  19:45  B757  5h 25m
 Mon, Tue  KC 2150  12:35  14:55  B757  5h 20m
 Thu  KC 2150  09:25  11:45  B757  5h 20m
 Sat  KC 2150  15:40  18:00  B757  5h 20m
 Antalya – Astana  
 Wed, Sat, Sun  KC 216   11:25  19:50  B757   4h 45m
 Fri  KC 216  20:45  04:30+1  B757   4h 45m
 Mon, Tue  KC 2160  16:00  23:40  B757  4h 40m
 Thu  KC 2160
 12:50  20:30  B757  4h 40m
 Sat  KC 2160  19:05  02:45+1  B757  4h 40m



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*Please kindly note that the schedule was posted for informational purpose and the timings might change. For latest timetable information please use the live timetable.