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Flights to Kazan, Tatarstan

As the centre of the Tatar culture with a rich history and strong economic influence, Kazan holds the title of ‘The Third Capital of Russia’, after Moscow and St Petersburg. By many measures, Kazan has the one of the highest standards of living in the country. Located between Europe and Asia, having both Russian and Tatar populations, Kazan peacefully blends Muslim and Christian cultures. The Tatars, descendants of the Golden Horde, still maintain their own language and culture and are very friendly, hospitable and keen to show off their city. You should not miss Kazan’s Kremlin, a World Heritage Site, or the famous Suyumbike Tower, a gorgeous piece of architecture with a tragic history, and there are many other interesting sights. Kazan’s rich history, imbued with its unique culture, makes it a truly amazing place to visit.

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