Carriage of Pets

General Information

Air Astana understands that sometimes our customers need to travel with their pets, as there are times when a family holiday would be incomplete without their furry friend or pets need to relocated to new homes overseas. Our primary concern is to do so as safely and as comfortably as possible.

Air Astana allows small cats, dogs, fish and turtles and tortoises (up to 8 kilos) to accompany passengers in the cabin. When transporting live fish, please specify the number of fish and the size and weight of the container as well as the total overall weight.

Cats and dogs weighing more than 8 kilos can travel in the cargo hold.

Birds and rodents cannot travel in the passenger cabin but can be transported in the cargo hold.

Please advise us of your plans to travel with animals so that Air Astana can confirm their transportation. Please send notification of your intension to carry animals and fish on board Air Astana flights at least 24 hours in advance of your flight departure, to either your travel agent or to the Air Astana Special Services desk (

Air Astana do everything they can to make the transportation of pets as stress-free as possible. We do request, however, that customers do not present their pets at check-in without having made a preliminary booking for their transportation. Otherwise we cannot guarantee that we will be able to carry your animal. 

Please make sure that the container provided is strong enough to keep your pet secure during the journey. The container must have a leak-proof bottom and holes for feeding and ventilation. If the container has wheels, please remove them or immobilise them. The container should be large enough to permit the animal to stand upright and lie down comfortably in its natural position.

You will be asked to provide the following documents for transporting of pets: 

  • Your pet’s passport
  • A veterinary certificate
  • An identifying micro chip or tattoo for European countries. This is not necessary when transporting animals within Kazakhstan or to Russia.

Please ensure that you have all the required documentation when you book transport for your pet as they will not be able to travel without them.

Requirements for the transportation of small fish: 

  • An aquarium or glass jar with a cover (with apertures for air) and the minimum quantity of water necessary for the wellbeing of the fish. We regret that we cannot transport fish in open plastic bags.

Additional Important Information for International Flights

Air Astana is making efforts to simplify the transportation of your pets as much as possible. However, it should be borne in mind that legislation on the carriage of animals is not the same in different countries.

Entry of pets as baggage is totally prohibited in some countries. Please note that you cannot transport animals to or from India, Great Britain, Ireland, South Africa, Australia. The airline will be fined for the transportation of any pets in carry-on or checked baggage into these countries. Into these countries the animals should be transported only by air waybill.

It is only possible to transport animals out of the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong. In Malaysia and China (Urumqi, Beijing) it is allowed to bring in/out only the cats and dogs. In Urumqi it is allowed to bring in/out animals only as registered luggage.

Effective June 01, 2019, the public services of the Republic of Korea announced a strict ban (quarantine) to import any animals, plants or food from abroad.

Important information for the citizens of Kazakhstan departing for the European Union countries:
Passengers traveling with pets to the European Union countries in addition to a Veterinary Certificate with vaccinations must have a microchip and a test for rabies antibody titration (a test period should not exceed 3 months before the departure date). Passengers can contact any veterinary clinic for the test and other travel documents.
IMPORTANT: The time required for testing is at least 30 days, so you need to get the permission to leave in advance.

Some specific regulations also exist with regards to the transport of animals to and from Thailand:

Almaty - Bangkok

  1. Your pet's passport
  2. A veterinary certificate 
  3. If an animal has a microchip implanted, you should provide the appropriate documents for the chip. 
  4. On arrival in Bangkok (after passing passport control) the owner of the animal should go to the Animal Quarantine Office located near the baggage carousel #8 and in front of exit B to inform them that a live animal is being imported into the country. 

Bangkok - Almaty

To export an animal from BKK, the owner should go to the Animal Quarantine Office (CE building, Free Zone of Suvarnabhumi Airport) three days prior to departure to get an animal export licence. If a passenger fails to provide the licence they will not be able to export the animal.


Limitation on Number of Pet Units by Aircraft Type

The limitations on the number of pet units per flight vary according to the type of aircraft: 

Aircraft type In the passenger cabin As a baggage in cargo compartments
A319, A320, A321, B757, B767 1 business / 2 economy
0 business / 3 economy
E190 1 business/1 economy
0 business/2 economy

Animals transported in the passenger cabin (PETC)

For PETC the maximum weight is 8 kg (17 lb.) including the weight of the container. A passenger can carry only one container.

For safe storage onboard the aircraft the container can be no larger than 30 x 47 x 27 cms for the A320/A321/B757/B767 aircraft and 29 x 43 x 26 cms for the E190.

For transportation of small dogs and cats we recommend that you use a soft bag that has been specially designed for the purpose. These pet travel bags are available at good pet shops. Ordinary soft bags cannot be used for PETC transportation. 

Animals transported as baggage in the cargo holds (AVIH) 

For AVIH the maximum weight is 50 kg including the weight of the container. Animals exceeding this weight limit need be shipped as cargo under an air waybill. Pets over 40 kg must be transported in strong wooden containers.

For AVIH a maximum of two animals of comparable size, weighing up to 14 kg each and used to living together, may be shipped in the same container. Animals over 14 kg must travel individually. Up to three animals under the age of six months and from the same litter may be shipped in the same container.

The pet must be at least 3 months old to be entitled to transportation. Special pet transportation rules apply to the Е190 during the winter period (from October the 1st to April the 30th). Pets are not allowed in the Е190 cargo hold on the flights more than 2 hours long.

Please note that there is a 308 AED additional airport charge for transporting animals as baggage in the cargo holds out of Dubai.

You will be asked to pay a charge for the transportation of your pets in both the cabin and the cargo hold (including the weight of the container) at check-in. The fare is calculated per kilo and is twice the cost of excess baggage for the route you are travelling, You can check the tariff for excess baggage on our website at Excess Baggage Rates.

If you have any questions please contact