Mission, Goals and Values


From the Heart of Eurasia we are building one of the finest airlines in the world.


1. We implement the highest safety standards.

2. We are and must be the most reliable airline in the region with the highest standards of customer service.

3. We profitably grow and improve our fleet, route network and product.

4. We work to the highest standards of integrity and business ethics.

5. We recruit, appraise and reward staff based on merit and enable them to develop to their maximum potential.

6. We are a socially responsible organisation

7. We are a global ambassador for Kazakhstan.




We treat every person with whom we come into contact, customer or colleague, as a guest. We are warm, friendly and tactful, always willing to help.


We are professional people who produce high quality results with knowledge and style. We maximise our skills and use our time efficiently.


We anticipate and respond to the needs of customers and colleagues. We do things to the very best of our ability and are always looking for ways to improve.


We produce reliable and consistent quality in all of our activities. We always keep our promises.


We are honest people who never compromise our integrity. Customers and colleagues can trust us.