More Flights to Almaty from Dushanbe and Bishkek 

From June through the end of October 2018 direct flights from Dushanbe to Almaty will be operated 5 times a week with an additional frequency on Monday evenings, while flights from Bishkek o Almaty will be operated 9 times a week with additional morning frequencies on Mondays and Wednesdays.

These additional frequencies let you travel more conveniently to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Istanbul, Kiev, Moscow and Tbilisi from Dushanbe and to Seoul from Bishkek via Almaty. On flights from Bishkek to Delhi you can carry up to 30 kg of baggage in economy class for free. 

 Days of Service
 Flight No.
 Departure  Arrival  AC Type
Dushanbe – Almaty
Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun KC 132
12:30 15:10 E90/A320 1h 40m
Mon KC 132 20:30 23:15  E90 1h 45m
Almaty – Dushanbe
Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun KC 131
10:05 11:00 E90/A320 1h 55m
Mon KC 131 18:05 19:00 E90 1h 55m



 Days of Service
 Flight No.
 Departure  Arrival  AC Type
Bishkek – Almaty
Mon KC 108
09:05 09:55 A320 0h 50m
Wed KC 108 12:25 13:15  E90 0h 50m
Daily KC 110 19:35 20:25 A320/321 0h 50m
Almaty – Bishkek
Mon KC 107
07:20 08:05 A320 0h 45m
Wed KC 107 10:30 11:25 E90 0h 55m
Daily KC 109 17:45 18:35 A320/A321 0h 55m



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