MyUPGRADE – Explained


MyUPGRADE enables booked and ticketed economy class passengers to make an offer to Air Astana to upgrade their ticket to Business Class.  There are a number of ways in which you will have the opportunity to make such an offer.

Pre-Departure Email: Passengers booking online at  may receive an email highlighting the opportunity to make an offer on the basis that there is satisfactory seat availability in Business Class and they are booked on an eligible route and date.  This email will be sent to you after booking at provided that your booking is made more than 48 hours in advance of departure.

Marketing Page: All Air Astana passengers, irrespective of how they have booked their tickets, will have the opportunity to visit the dedicated page at to check if the flight and date is eligible for an upgrade.  If so, follow the instructions and make an offer online.

Passengers will also be able to access this marketing page from the My Booking menu tab on the Air Astana home page, as well as follow online links from their Electronic Tickets issued via Air Astana offices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Passengers must hold a confirmed and issued economy class ticket issued on the stock of Air Astana.  This means that the ticket number must start with 465.  Certain ticket types are not eligible for the program, including:

-          Nomad Club flight awards / redemption tickets
-          Tickets already upgraded using Nomad Club Points
-          Prize winners
-          Staff travelers

Those customers who book online at may receive a pre-departure email.  This email will be sent to the email address that is provided during the online booking process.  Emails are sent to individuals, so if more than one passenger is booked at the same time, the email account holder will receive multiple emails for each passenger in the party.  Pre-departure emails will be sent only to those passengers who have booked eligible routes and dates and where satisfactory space is available.

No, not all routes operated by Air Astana will be eligible for the use of MyUpgrade.  The routes selected will however change from time to time depending on expected demand. Use the marketing page at to ascertain if the route you are booked on is eligible for the date that you have booked.

Only those flights mentioned in the pre-departure email, or that have been verified via the marketing page, will be eligible for the upgrade. 

For example if you are travelling on a return ticket from Delhi (DEL) to Istanbul (IST), via Almaty (DEL-ALA-IST-ALA-DEL), and you receive an email that states that the flight between Delhi and Almaty (DEL-ALA) is eligible for an upgrade, this means that only that segment is eligible for MyUpgrade. 

You may, or may not, receive subsequent emails advising the eligibility of other flight legs of your journey.

No, this program is for Air Astana operated flights only.

Yes, the system has a default minimum and maximum bid for each flight leg.  It will not accept offers lower than the minimum and higher than the maximum bid.


The indicator shows how strong your bid is, and the likelihood of your bid being accepted.  The higher you make your bid, the greater the chances of your bid being accepted. 

Making a bid with MyUpgrade does not guarantee that you will be successful and receive the upgrade.

Yes, you can make different offers for each eligible segment of your journey.

Yes, you can change the amount provided that changes are made a minimum of 48 hours before departure.  Simply use the link from the initial pre-departure email or access the system via the marketing page at  to amend your offer.

Yes offers can be cancelled provided cancellations are received a minimum of 48 hours before departure Offers can be cancelled by accessing the link in the pre-departure email, or via the marketing page on .

After cancelling your initial offer, you can make a new offer using the links in the original pre-departure email, or via the marketing page on .

After you have made your bid, before departure you will receive an email from Air Astana advising whether you have been successful or unsuccessful with your bid. If successful, your credit card will be charged and you will also receive a new electronic ticket indicating the upgraded flight. 

If you have been unsuccessful your credit card will not be debited and you travel on your existing ticket.

When you make your offer online, you will provide your credit card details.  Your card will be debited for the amount that you have bid only when you receive an email from Air Astana confirming that you have been successful.  

If you have been unsuccessful, your credit card will not be debited.

You will need to cancel your current offer before the offer deadline window (e.g. a minimum of 48 hours before departure).  You will receive an email confirming that your offer has been cancelled.  Only after this may you make a new offer with your preferred credit card.

If your offer is successful, but the upgrade transaction fails due to unavailable funds or other transaction issues with your credit card, you will receive an email with a link to enter new credit card details.

No, if you have been unsuccessful you will not be able to bid again for that flight and date.  To increase your chances of being successful, place an initial bid as high as possible.

Yes, you will be able to select a seat while checking in online at or by contacting Please note that in case of aircraft type changes or flight disruptions it is not guaranteed that the same seat will be available on the flight.

The upgraded business class ticket will have the same fare rules as the originally purchased economy class ticket.  This means that the date change rules, cancellation penalty and validity remain the same as the original ticket.

The cancellation penalty of your original ticket will apply to the value of the original ticket.  The money bid and paid for the upgrade is non-refundable.


Business Class passengers enjoy a whole host of additional privileges including:

-          Greater in-seat comfort with more seat-width and seat-pitch
-          Flat-bed1 and angled flat-bed2 comfort at the touch of  button
-          Personal on-demand inflight entertainment system3
-          Renowned business class cuisine and beverages
-          Access to International Business Class departure lounges
-          Increased check-in luggage allowance – 30kg allowance
-          Priority Boarding and Disembarkation
-          Priority luggage delivery

1.        Flat-bed business class seats available on Boeing 767-300ER (B767)
2.        Angled Flat-bed business class seats available on Boeing 757-200 (B757)
3.        Available for flights longer than three hours.

In some countries departure taxes for Business Class passengers are higher than that of Economy Class passengers.  Should this be the case for the flight that you place a bid on, the additional cost of departure taxes will be included into the offer you make.  If successful, you will not pay more than the amount that you have bid.

Children (2-11 years) and infants (below 2 years) occupying a seat will bid in very much the same way as adults. Infants without a seat occupied will be upgraded free of charge.

You can make an additional bid for Economy Sleeper on selected routes. Your bid for Economy Sleeper will be considered only if you bid for Business Class is not accepted.