Essential Information

Baggage Allowance

Free baggage allowances

Dear passengers, please note that our checked baggage allowance depends on the class of service. Except for MyCHOICE fares and Special Baggage Allowance offers which are presented in tables below.

Each passenger is entitled to the following free baggage allowance. Kindly note, that this rule does not apply to infants under two years old without a seat.

Business Class - 30kg
Economy Sleeper - 30kg
Economy Class - 20kg

New rules of free baggage allowance are applied on the following routes for MyCHOICE fares:

 Free baggage allowance from/to Kazakhstan cities
   Classic  Plus  Business Saver  Business Flex
 Baku  20 kg  30 kg  30 kg  30 kg
 Bishkek  20 kg  30 kg  30 kg  30 kg
 Dushanbe  20 kg  30 kg  30 kg  30 kg
 Kazan  20 kg  30 kg  30 kg  30 kg
 Moscow  20 kg  30 kg  30 kg  30 kg
 Novosibirsk  20 kg  30 kg  30 kg  30 kg
 Omsk  20 kg  30 kg  30 kg  30 kg
 Saint Petersburg  20 kg  30 kg  30 kg  30 kg
 Tashkent  20 kg  30 kg  30 kg  30 kg
 Tbilisi  20 kg  30 kg  30 kg  30 kg
 Tyumen  20 kg  30 kg  30 kg  30 kg
 Yekaterinburg  20 kg  30 kg  30 kg  30 kg

Checked baggage allowance may vary on different routes. Kindly check the information on your ticket before travelling.

Special Baggage Allowance Offers

Increased baggage allowance applies only provided that journey begins in the specified city of origin. For example: in case of Tbilisi – Beijing – Tbilisi, the increased baggage allowance applies for the round trip originating in Tbilisi and for Tbilisi – Beijing one way. In case the trip originates in Beijing and there is no separate special offer for Beijing – Tbilisi, the increased baggage allowance will not apply.

 Route Allowance  Period 
 Istanbul – Delhi – Istanbul  30 kg  11 January 2018 - 31 December 2019
 Istanbul – Tashkent  Istanbul  35 kg  9 January 2018 - 31 December 2019
 Delhi – Kiev – Delhi  30 kg  29 November 2017 - 31 December 2019
 Delhi – Tbilisi – Delhi  30 kg  8 January - 31 December 2019
 Delhi – Novosibirsk – Delhi  30 kg  8 January - 31 December 2019
 Delhi – Omsk – Delhi  30 kg  8 January - 31 December 2019
 Delhi – Yekaterinburg – Delhi  30 kg  8 January - 31 December 2019
 Delhi – Moscow – Delhi  30 kg  from 1 June 2017 without time-limit
 Delhi – Saint Petersburg – Delhi  30 kg  from 1 June 2017 without time-limit
 Delhi – Kazan – Delhi  30 kg  from 28 October 2013 without time-limit
 Delhi – Bishkek – Delhi  30 kg  from 1 June 2017 without time-limit
 Delhi – Istanbul – Delhi  30 kg  12 January 2018 - 31 December 2019
 Delhi – Urumqi – Delhi  40 kg  from 14 June 2018 without time-limit
 Beijing – Kazakhstan – Beijing 30 kg (Economy)
40 kg (Business)
 from 31 July 2018 without time-limit
 Urumqi – Delhi – Urumqi  40 kg  from 14 June 2018 without time-limit
 Dubai – Saint Petersburg – Dubai  30 kg  12 January 2018 - 31 December 2019
 Dubai – Beijing – Dubai  30 kg  12 January 2018 - 31 December 2019
 Dubai – Moscow – Dubai  30 kg  12 January 2018 - 31 December 2019
 Dubai – Seoul – Dubai  30 kg  12 January 2018 - 31 December 2019
 Dubai – Tashkent – Dubai  30 kg  25 January 2018 - 31 December 2019
 Moscow – Delhi – Moscow  40 kg (Economy and Business)  from 12 September 2018 without time-limit
 Saint Petersburg – Delhi – Saint Petersburg  40 kg (Economy and Business)  from 12 September 2018 without time-limit
 Kazan – Delhi – Kazan  30 kg  from 1 January 2017 without time-limit
 Bishkek – Delhi – Bishkek  30 kg  from 1 January 2017 without time-limit
 Seoul – Almaty – Seoul  30 kg (Economy)
 40 kg (Business)
 1 November 2018 – 31 May 2019
 Seoul – Astana – Seoul  30 kg (Economy)
 40 kg (Business)
 1 November 2018 – 31 May 2019

*Increased baggage allowance above applies for Economy Class if not stated otherwise.

If separate tickets are purchased for each leg of the journey, checked baggage allowance is indicated in each ticket.

Checked baggage policy applies only on flights operated by Air Astana. On code-share flights checked baggage allowance defer to the operating carrier’s rules. If the route is operated by two or more carriers, including code-share flights, most significant carrier’s norms are applied.

Please do identify your baggage on the inside and outside. Do remove old labels.

Please do not pack DANGEROUS ARTICLES in your bags. Please check with us or with your travel agent before starting your journey.

Bulky baggage (total sum of three dimensions over 158 cm) and heavy baggage (over 32 kg) can be carried only after making a special arrangement with the carrier, and will be charged per each kilogram and excluded from the free baggage allowance.

The maximum checked single baggage weight for baggage on Air Astana flights is 32 kg /70 pounds. Air Astana will not accept single baggage exceeding this limit. Passengers arriving at the airport with baggage weighing over 32 kg shall be advised to repack or redistribute the weight into other baggage.

In case of carriage oversized baggage you have to confirm it with

Starting from January 1st , 2019, oversized baggage (a bag, total sum of three dimensions over 158 cm) at departing from Dubai Airport, United Arab Emirates, will be accepted only at the special OOG check-in counter with an additional charge of 45 AED; payment will be charged by the DNATA handling company.

Excess baggage. Baggage in excess of the free baggage entitlement shown on the ticket will be charged at the appropriate excess baggage rate for the journey.

Cabin baggage dimensions are limited for safety reasons and on Air Astana flights must not be larger than 56 x 45 x 25 cm and must not weigh more than 8 kg for economy class. Passengers of business class may carry two pieces of baggage .

In addition to the above allowance passengers may carry onboard in all travel classes the following items:

  • One overcoat or similar item or blanket;
  • One walking stick or a mobility aid such as a pair of crutches or a leg braces if required;
  • One small handbag or laptop bag/ briefcase;
  • One small camera or binoculars;
  • Reasonable amount of reading material;
  • One infant’s carrying basket;
  • One Collapsible Stroller (maximum size when folded: 34х32х14cm .) ;
  • Infant food for consumption on board;
  • Medical supplies on which the passenger is fully dependent;
  • A small bunch of flowers.

Toy or replica guns will be removed at security checkpoints and will not be allowed inside the cabin. No sharp objects may be carried in your cabin baggage. Air Astana will not accept liability if such items are removed at airport security prior to departure

Carriage of pets is allowed in the passenger cabin upon preliminary negotiations with the carrier and at compliance with the established Air Astana rules and payment of a special fare. Your pet must be kept inside a special pet container at all times, the dimensions of which must not exceed 30 x 47 x 27 cm. A passenger is only entitled to carry one pet container the maximum weight of which together with the pet is 8 kg. Alternatively, upon preliminary negotiations with the carrier your pet can be carried in a pet container of established dimensions as cargo or checked-in baggage in a special compartment of the aircraft upon payment of the established fare.

Check-in times. Passengers must arrive at the airport early enough for all formalities to be completed. The times shown on the flight coupons of the ticket are the departure times of the aircraft. Check-in times, as advised by us or your travel agent, are the latest times that passengers can be accepted for travel, allowing the necessary time to complete all formalities. Flights cannot be held for passengers arriving late and we can accept no responsibility in such cases. Please note check-in will close 40 minutes before departure for all routes.

Punctuality. Boarding gates close no later than 15 minutes before departure to allow us to complete last-minute preparations, leave on schedule and get you to your destination on time. It is important that you go the gate well before this time to ensure you can travel on your flight. When you check-in, our agents will point out the final boarding time, but please check your boarding pass, listen for announcements, and watch the flight information screens. It can sometimes take up to 15 minutes to reach the gate from the main departure areas. 

Alcoholic drinks. It is prohibited to consume personal purchased alcoholic beverages, except for alcohol served on board.



The price of the ticket may include taxes, fees and/or charges imposed by governments or airport authorities. These taxes, fees, and charges, which may represent a significant portion of the cost of air travel, are either included in the fare or shown separately in the "TAX/FEE/CHARGE" box (es) of the ticket. You may also be required to pay taxes, fees and charges not already collected.


Special fare restrictions

Many “Special” fares are issued on conditions which may restrict or prohibit any change of booking and may limit the amount of any refund due in the event of cancellation or failure to travel.

Codeshare services

Should we have arrangements with partner airlines, which mean that in some cases, your flight is operated by a partner airline even if you have a reservation with us and your ticket shows Air Astana as the carrying airline. This will be shown on your travel documents and you can obtain further information from Air Astana or your travel agent.

Dubai Airports introduces a new baggage rule to improve service, reduce the risk of mishandling and enhance the performance of its check-in and baggage operation. According to this rule bags without flat surfaces will be rejected at check-in desk. Rules are effective from March 8, 2017.

The new rules:
1. No round bags
2. No bags without flat surface
3. No irregular shaped bags
4. No oversized bags
5. Bags that do not meet the criterion have to be repacked in boxes for a fee



Liability for loss or damage to baggage is limited.

  1. For most international travel (including domestic portions of international journeys) the liability limit is approximately US$9.07 per pound (US$20.00 per kilo) for checked baggage.
  2. For travel wholly between US points, Federal rules require a limit on an airline's liability to be at least US$2,500 per passenger. Excess valuation may be declared on certain types of articles. Some carriers assume no liability for fragile, valuable or perishable articles. Further information may be obtained from the carrier.


Air Astana’s liability for checked baggage

If the content of your baggage is defined as “a valuable baggage” it is recommended that you insure the baggage. Air Astana, like most major airlines, assumes no liability for damage to checked baggage such as broken wheels, lost pull straps, damage to baggage handles and minor damages such as scratches, scuffs, stains, dents, cuts and dirt resulting from normal wear and tear.



Passengers on a journey involving an ultimate destination or a stop in a country other than the country of origin are advised that the provisions of a treaty known as the Warsaw Convention may be applicable for the entire journey, including any portion entirely within the country of origin or destination. For such passengers on a journey to, from or with an agreed stopping place in the United States of America, the Convention and special contracts of carriage embodied in applicable tariffs provide that the liability of certain carriers, parties to such special contracts, for death of or personal injury to passengers is limited in most cases to proven damages not to exceed US$75,000 per passenger and that this liability up to such limit shall not depend on negligence on the part of the carrier.

For such passengers traveling by a carrier not a party to such special contracts or on a journey not to, from, or having an agreed stopping place in the United States of America, liability of the carrier for death or personal injury to passengers is limited in most cases to approximately US$10,000 or US$20,000. The names of carriers, parties to such special contracts, are available at all ticket offices of such carriers and may be examined upon request.

Additional protection can usually be obtained by purchasing insurance from a private company. Such insurance is not affected by any limitation of the carrier's liability under the Warsaw Convention or such special contracts of carriage. For further information please consult your airline or insurance company representative.



  • The limit of liability of US$75,000 above is inclusive of legal fees and costs except that in case of a claim brought in a State where provision is made for a separate award of legal fees and costs, the limit shall be the sum of US$58,000 exclusive of legal fees and costs.
  • If the passenger's journey involves an ultimate destination or stop in a country other than the country of departure the Warsaw Convention may be applicable. The Convention governs and in most cases limits the liability of carriers for death or personal injury and in respect of loss of or damage to baggage. See also notices headed "Advice to International Passengers on Limitation of Liability" and "Notice of Baggage Liability Limitations".