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Nomad Club

Please go to the Earning Nomad Club Point section of this website.
Please go to the Earning Nomad Club Point section of this website.
The current list of partners and the terms of their participation can be found in the Partners section of this website. We will be working to expand our partnership network to provide you with more accrual options.
Consult the Award Chart in the Redeeming Nomad Club Points section of this website. Select your award travel zone based on your departure and arrival airports and the desired type of award: economy, business, or upgrade from economy to business. You can select one-way or roundtrip travel awards, but upgrade awards are always one-way. Locate the number of points required in the corresponding cell of the Award Chart.
Unfortunately, at this time we don’t offer this, although it may become available in the future. For now, your quickest option to get the necessary points is to take another Air Astana flight.
According to the Nomad Club rules, you cannot make an award booking unless you have the required number of points available in your account.
Air Astana carefully safeguards your account information. Travel agents do not have access to the computer system which stores your points balance and therefore cannot issue award tickets.
That is quite possible. The number of seats available for Nomad Club redemption on each flight is strictly limited. Other types of tickets have different availability and therefore “revenue” seats may still be available, while “award” seats are not. Your best chance to obtain the seats to your desired destination is to travel during the off-peak season or time of day, book early, and be flexible about your travel dates/times.
Yes. Nomad Club does not restrict who the passenger is on an award ticket and you can give the award ticket to a relative or a friend. However, once the ticket has been issued, name changes are not permitted. Regardless of who the passenger is, you will have to present your passport when collecting the award ticket. Note that sale of award tickets is prohibited. A passenger found travelling on a purchased award ticket will be denied transportation, while the account from which the points have originated will be suspended.
Yes. Within the validity period of your ticket you can re-deposit the points into your account. An administrative fee of 5,000 points will be deducted. Please note that points for expired tickets cannot be re-deposited.
There are a few things you can do. First, ensure that the ticket you are about to book is eligible for points accrual. Most types of tickets are, but certain types of deeply discounted tickets do not earn points. Please review the Nomad Club Terms and Conditions for complete details. Always provide your membership number at the time of reservation and present your membership card again at check-in to make sure that your Nomad Club number has been properly recorded. Keep your ticket receipts and boarding passes until the corresponding flight activities have appeared in your account.
Statements will be sent to you once every quarter if you have any activity in your account.
Yes. You can check your account activity and points balance online at the Air Astana website. You can also call the Nomad Club Service Centre at (7-727) 244 55 30.
Please refer to the Claim Missing Points section of this website. Note that you can claim your points only if at least 30 days have passed from the date of your flight.
Six to eight weeks.
You need to fulfil the criteria required for Elite membership, collecting at least 25,000 flight points (or fly 30 segments) in a calendar year for a Silver level and 50,000 flight points (60 segments) for Gold. If you are an Elite member in other airline programmes, please contact the Nomad Club Service Centre to verify if you may be eligible for a one-time complementary Elite membership.
The qualification year is always the calendar year which is from 1 January to 31 December. If you joined our programme in March, your qualification period becomes a little shorter – from the joining date to 31 December.
Those who usually fly long-haul will find it easier to qualify based on flight points, while those who fly short-haul will find it easier to qualify based on flown segments. Both types of passengers are important to us and that’s why we established two types or qualification criteria.
You should normally get your Nomad Club Elite card by courier delivery within 2 to 4 weeks after your qualifying flight. Please contact the Nomad Club Service Centre if 4 weeks have passed and you haven’t received the card.
You will receive your Elite benefits from the date of qualification until the end of the year in which you qualified, plus 14 months. For example, if you became a Nomad Club Silver member on 28 May 2008, your Silver membership would have been valid until the end of February of 2010. If you further qualified for Nomad Club Gold in November (or any other month) of 2008, you would have become a Nomad Club Gold member and received Gold benefits until the end of February of 2010. However, in order to continue receiving your Elite benefits beyond 1 March of 2010, you would have been required to again meet the qualification criteria during the 2009 calendar year.
Due to current infrastructure limitations, not all airports in Kazakhstan are equipped with automated check-in systems. There are plans to automate them in the near future. In the meantime some activity tracking will rely on manual processes which are not 100% error proof. In addition, there are many other reasons beyond Air Astana’s control – such as when the name on your ticket and the name on your membership card are not the same.