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Flights to Kostanay, Kazakhstan

Standing on the left bank of the Tobol River, Kostanay is one of the largest industrial and cultural centres of northern Kazakhstan. The city’s most economically important industries are food processing and other light enterprises. Among the city’s tourist attractions are various monuments, memorials, museums, galleries and historical sites, such as the monument “Pokoritelyam celiny” dedicated to the pioneers who explored the virgin lands of Kazakhstan, the Read Wall memorial, where the Red Guards held their executions in 1919 and the Kostanay Oblast Philharmonic Hall. The city also offers a whole range of cafés, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, pubs and coffee houses. Book your flight to Kostanay with Air Astana and visit the homeland of Ybyrai Altynsarin, the most prominent Kazakh educator of the late 19th century.