Young Flyers

Family is an important part of Kazakh culture, and our service aims to reflect this in every way. We are very attentive to our smaller customers and it’s a great pleasure for us to serve them, we do everything possible to make infants and children feel safe, comfortable and to be entertained throughout the flight.

Passengers travelling with babies are provided baby-packs containing all the essentials for hygiene and comfort. On selected flights, it is possible to pre-book bassinets (cradles) for babies of one year and younger ages.

While adults enjoy world-class cuisine, our younger travellers may tuck into healthy, delicious and nourishing meals from the specially designed children’s menu (needs to be pre-booked to ensure availability).

While developing Kid’s Kits Air Astana's main objective was to provide children with something not only fun and educational but also something that they could use after the flight and a gift that they could always remember. The kits are offered to our young passengers on outbound international flights from Kazakhstan with flight time over 3 hours.

Every concept corresponds with a specific character and they come in two ranges:

  • Junior for kids aged between 3-6: Super chef, Smashing Super Hero and Voluntary Vet;
  • and senior for aged between 7-11: Amazing Architect, Dangerous Detective and Extreme Explorer.

The first kits to fly were «Super Chef» for juniors and «Architect» for seniors, two very useful and complete kits that will also be useful for the children’s daily tasks. The unique bag designs and interior products will make their characters come to life.

Charming Super Chef: This goodie bag comes with everything you need to become a super chef. Air Astana’s Children Passengers will use their time on the flight to learn and discover new recipes and invent their own. They can design their menu with their favourite dishes/ cuisine.

Amazing Architect: Air Astana’s Children Passengers will make the world their canvas and allow their ideas to flow. They will imagine and design the new building they wished existed in the world. In the bag, kids will find all the tools they need to make it magic.

Children aged 3 to 11 years old will receive a special edition of Shusha magazine, offered on Air Astana’s international inbound flights, which covers various interesting tasks, tells stories and gives an opportunity to learn both the English and Kazakh vocabulary.

Children’s library on board with additional game kits will make the journey of our young passengers more enjoyable.

With the special service that we offer for children, you can rely on us and be sure that your child will be entertained and taken care of throughout the whole flight.