Nomad Club Terms and Conditions


1. Introduction

Nomad Club is the frequent flyer program of Air Astana. Members of Nomad Club will receive points for eligible Air Astana flights and partner activities. These points can be exchanged for free flights or award upgrade tickets.

Participation in Nomad Club is subject to these Terms and Conditions, which are deemed to be accepted by the member by clicking the “Submit” button when applying online.

2. Membership

  1. Membership in Nomad Club is open to individuals of at least two (2) years of age. Membership applications submitted by minors (individuals aged less than 16 years) must be agreed with in writing by a parent or legal guardian. Membership is not open to families, groups, companies, trusts, partnerships, government departments or agencies, or other entities.
  2. Subject to local laws and restrictions, membership is open to residents of any country who submit a fully completed application form. If an application form is not fully completed, Air Astana may reject the application or request additional information from the applicant. Air Astana reserves the right to decline membership to any applicant.
  3. Application for membership will serve as an authorization for Air Astana to process and store the supplied personal information and to use it for research, marketing, customer service and public relations purposes. Only if required by law, this information may be shared with government agencies, with or without the knowledge or consent of the members.
  4. Members may change their personal details by written notice or by updating their online account profile at any time. Members are responsible for maintaining correct mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number on file with Nomad Club. Under no circumstances will Air Astana accept responsibility for non-delivery of awards or membership materials due to incorrect address. Members may change name on the account, however name change requests require valid legal proof.
  5. Each member may maintain only one Nomad Club account. Enrollment of several persons in a single account (joint account) and multiple enrolments by one person are not allowed. In the event that more than one account has been assigned to the same individual (duplicate accounts) Air Astana reserves the right to close/cancel any one of the two accounts.
  6. Account pooling, or combining points from two or more different accounts, is not allowed.
  7. Air Astana reserves the right to terminate membership, and cancel all accrued points in the event of misconduct, fraud, or failure to follow these Terms & Conditions, and misuse of the card or program awards. The member will be held liable for all related damages, litigation and transaction costs.
  8. Members may terminate their membership by written notice at any time. All accumulated points will then be cancelled.
  9. Nomad Club will terminate member’s account and cancel all accrued points upon receiving a notification of member’s death. At its sole discretion, Nomad Club may transfer the unused points to the member’s next of kin’s account, in which case a legal proof of the relationship will be required.

3. Membership Card

  1. A permanent membership card will be mailed to member within 2 - 4 weeks after the first Air Astana flight is recorded on the member’s account. Only the individual whose name appears on the membership card is authorized to use it. Nomad Club membership card is not a credit card, debit card or ATM card. The card is the sole property of Air Astana and must be returned to Air Astana upon request. Air Astana reserves the right to request that members produce the membership card for identification purposes or for benefits delivery purposes at any time.
  2. Before the permanent card has been received, members may use the temporary membership card printed from the computer screen through the Air Astana website. The temporary card is not valid without the member’s name appearing in the "Name" box (white bar) of the card in block letters.
  3. Nomad Club Silver and Nomad Club Gold membership cards show expiration dates and entitle cardholders to additional benefits during the validity period of their Elite memberships. Please refer to Section 6. Elite Programs and Benefits for details of the Nomad Club Elite programs.
  4. Members are required to notify Nomad Club Service Centre if the membership card has been lost or stolen. The first replacement card will be issued free of charge, however Air Astana may assess a fee for the second and consecutive replacements.

4. Earning Points

The accrual unit of the Nomad Club program is point. Flight points are awarded for flights on Air Astana. Bonus points are awarded for partner activities as well as for certain Air Astana activities.

a) Points for Travel on Air Astana

For travel in Kazakhstan members will receive a fixed number of flight points for each flown one-way segment depending on the destination and class of travel as determined by the booking class shown on the ticket:

* Booking classes V, M eligible for accrual for flights made from 1st of March, 2018.

Note: Business Class may not be offered on all domestic routes.

For international travel not involving a change of flight number, the number of flight points will be determined by the distance between ticketed origin and destination and paid fare as determined by the booking class shown on the ticket. The distance between origin and destination is measured based on the Ticketed Point Mileage (TPM) published from time to time by the International Air Travel Association (IATA). Actually credited points may differ from the point amounts shown on any Nomad Club materials as the latter are based on the IATA-published TPMs current at the time of print.

Booking classes eligible for point accrual and corresponding accrual factors are shown in the table below:

 Type of Fare  Booking Class  Accrual Factor
 Business  J C D Z  x 1.5
 Economy Sleeper  W   x 1.25
 Full Economy  Y  x 1.25
 Economy  B H K L   x 1.0
 Discount Economy  T Q S V E P M  x 0.5
  1. For international travel involving a connection or change of aircraft, the number of flight points accrued on the domestic segment of the itinerary will be determined by the domestic accrual rules as described in Section 4/b/i above. The number of flight points for the international segment of the itinerary will be determined by the international accrual rules as described in Section 4/b/ii above.
  2. Members may earn points on all regular scheduled flights where an Air Astana flight number and airline code (KC) are indicated, and Air Astana is the operating carrier.
  3. Points will not be awarded for cancelled flights. In the event of re-accommodation on another flight or on the flight of another carrier, points will be given for the original Air Astana routing and purchased class of service.
  4. Members may earn Nomad Club points and flight segments only on eligible tickets. Award, free, prize, reduced-rate companion, employee discount, travel agency/industry discount, infant tickets, group tickets booked in booking class G, or tickets issued subject to special provisions are excluded from points accrual. Booking classes not eligible for accrual include: I, R, U, X, N, G, W, O.   
  5. Members traveling on upgrade awards will accrue points for the originally purchased class of travel.
  6. Points are awarded to the passenger using the ticket, regardless of who paid for the ticket. Purchased but unused tickets do not accrue points.
  7. The additional 50% points for flying on Business (booking classes J, C, D, Z) tickets and the additional 25% points for flying on Full Economy (booking class Y) tickets may be referred to as Class of Service bonus. Nomad Club’s Class of Service bonus is counted toward Elite qualification. Please refer to Section 6. Elite Programs and Benefits for details of the Nomad Club Elite programs.
  8. When a flight is eligible for points/mileage credit in more than one frequent flyer program, points or miles can be earned in only one program. After check-in members cannot change the program in which credit will be earned.
  9. Retroactive point credit is allowed for the flights made in last 12 months before the programme joining date, but not exceeding 12 months from the date of the flight.
  10. Air Astana reserves the right to change or modify the program accrual rules, including accrual levels and eligible booking classes. Air Astana reserves the right to deduct incorrectly posted points.

b) Points for Partner Transactions

  1. Nomad Club members can earn points for purchase or use of product and/or services of Nomad Club program partners. The rates and terms of point accrual for partner transactions are determined by individual agreements between Nomad Club and its partners and are subject to change. It is the responsibility of members to ensure eligibility to earn points at the time of booking or purchasing of our partner services.
  2. Members are advised to check the Air Astana website at Partners section or contact Nomad Club Service Centre for the latest list of Nomad Club partners and terms of partner participation in the Nomad Club program.
  3. Points earned through partners are generally considered bonus points and do not count toward Elite qualification. Please refer to 6. Elite Programs and Benefits for details of the Nomad Club Elite programs.
  4. Air Astana will accept no liability for any losses or damages resulting from the use of Nomad Club partners’ products or services.

c) Points Validity

  1. The validity of each award point earned until the 1st of June 2015 is 24 months from the date of the flight or from the date of transaction in the case of bonus points earned from the partners. For all points earned starting from 1st of June 2015 we have extended the validity of award points to 36 months from the date of the flight or from the date of the transaction in the case of bonus points earned from the partners.
  2. Certain promotional point credits do not qualify as flight or partner transactions.
  3. Unutilized points will expire after 24 months from the date of the flight or from the date of transaction in the case of bonus points earned from the partners. Points cannot be reinstated once expired.

Earning Nomad Club Points

d) Points Tracking

  1. Crediting of points to member accounts relies upon an automated tracking system. Members are required to provide their membership number at the time of reservation. If booking through a travel agent, members must advise the travel agent of their membership in Nomad Club.
  2. Members are required to produce their membership cards at the time of check-in, even if the number has already been provided during the reservation stage.
  3. Members are advised to retain proof of travel, including a copy of the passenger ticket receipt and the original boarding pass, until the flight activity appears on the statement.
  4. For partner transactions, members are required to produce their membership cards at the time of purchase of partners’ goods or services. Proof of purchase should be retained as it may be required for missing credit verification.
  5. It may take up to two (2) weeks for Air Astana flight activity or up to eight (8) weeks for partner activity to be recorded in the Nomad Club system.
  6. Members are encouraged to view their account balance and recent transactions online at View Activity Details section. A registration is required to access this service.

e) Account Statements

  1. Members will receive monthly account statements if at least one transaction has occurred since the previous statement.
  2. Account statements will be sent via the preferred delivery method selected during the application process. Members may change the statement delivery method by modifying their online profiles or by calling Nomad Club Service Center.
  3. If the points on the statement are found to be posted incorrectly, members should notify Nomad Club Centre within three (3) months of receiving their statement. Air Astana reserves the right to decide whether the activity printed on the statement is correct and may choose to request supporting documents from the member to proceed with correcting any activity error. Any changed or corrected activity will appear on the next scheduled statement.

f) Missing Flight Points

  1. Every effort is made to ensure that points are credited accurately. However if a flight credit has not been posted, members can retro claim points online on Air Astana website.
  2. Retro claim of missing points available within twelve (12) months from the date of the flight.
  3. The credited points will appear on the next scheduled statement. 
  4. Air Astana’s responsibility for missing points is limited to posting of points for qualified transactions. Air Astana reserves the right to make a final determination as to what constitutes a qualifying transaction and to determine the amount of points to be credited.

5. Redeeming awards

a) General

  1. Members who have accumulated a sufficient number of points are eligible to redeem Nomad Club awards. Nomad Club offers flight awards and upgrade awards.
  2. All Nomad Club awards are good on scheduled Air Astana flights only. Awards are not available on flights operated by Air Astana code-share partners and subsidized routes.
  3. The point requirements for flight awards and upgrade awards are listed in the Award Chart. Children over two (2) years of age require the same number of points for awards as adults. Infants under two (2) years of age, not occupying a seat, travel free as long as they are accompanied by an adult award traveler. The age of the Infant must be less than 2 years old at all travel dates. There is a limit of one infant per adult award traveler.
  4. Point requirements for flight awards are shown for roundtrip travel. One-way trips require half of the published point requirements.
  5. All upgrade awards are for one-way travel, a roundtrip upgrade will require two one-way upgrade awards. Upgrade awards allow upgrade from Economy to Economy Sleeper (on routes to Paris, London and Frankfurt only) and Business cabin when traveling on eligible tickets.
  6. Tickets eligible for upgrade awards include booked in booking classes Y, B, H, K, L, T, Q, S, V, E, P, M. Tickets booked in any other booking class are not eligible for upgrade awards. Members must have confirmed and ticketed reservations prior to requesting upgrade awards.
  7. A minimum of three (3) working days prior to departure is required for booking of award travel.
  8. To book award travel, members are required to contact Air Astana Call Center or a designated sales office in Kazakhstan or abroad. A list of sales offices is published in the About Air Astana section of the Air Astana website.
  9. Members will be advised when the award ticket will be ready for issuance. Award tickets can be issued at any Air Astana ticket office. Award Ticket requests are handled in turn depending on departure dates but not later than 5 (five) working days prior to your desired date of travel.
  10. All surcharges, taxes, and fees are responsibility of the member redeeming an award and must be paid at the time of ticketing.
  11. It is the responsibility of members to ensure that they have sufficient points for the desired award. Neither flight nor upgrade award reservation can be made unless the member has sufficient points in his/her account.
  12. All segments must be confirmed. No open-dated tickets, wait-listing, or standby travel is allowed for Nomad Club awards.
  13. Members traveling on award tickets who fail to show up for the flight for which they are holding a confirmed reservation will be considered a no-show and may be assessed a re-booking fee in the amount of 3000 points or 5 000 tenge. Date of travel for partially used tickets with expired date of travel cannot be changed.
  14. Travel agents are not authorised to book awards or issue award tickets on behalf of Air Astana.
  15. Air Astana may at any time modify the number of points required to obtain a particular award, withdraw an award, or impose a period in which no awards will be available.

b) Awards Availability

  1. There are no blackout dates for Nomad Club awards. Awards seats will be available on all flights, however Air Astana reserves the right to limit availability of seats for flight or upgrade awards on all flights and in all classes of service. Seats may still be available for sale, but not available for Nomad Club redemption. Members are advised to book well in advance for popular destinations and/or for peak season travel.

c) Transferability of Awards

  1. Nomad Club awards can be issued to any individual designated by a Nomad Club member at the time of reservation. Once an award is issued, it is non-transferable and no name changes are permitted.
  2. In order to transfer awards to another person it’s necessary to fill an application form on transferring of awards which is in Air Astana website, referring to Nomad Club section. And send it to Nomad Club Service Centre.
  3. Before filling an application form on transferring of awards, check your account balance to ensure you have sufficient points for the award of your choice.
  4. An application to redeem any award is a minimum of five (5) working days prior to departure is required for booking of award travel.
  5. It’s necessary to fill all the boxes in the application form on transferring of awards
  6. Application on transferring of awards is valid in the presence of copy of the passport of the Nomad club member and passenger
  7. An application on transferring of awards must be sent to the address or e-mail which is indicated at the bottom of the application form.
  8. Nomad Club awards cannot be sold, purchased, bartered, or exchanged for cash. If Air Astana has sufficient grounds to believe that a ticket or upgrade has been obtained as a result of such fraudulent activity, it can refuse transportation to the passenger holding such ticket or upgrade, confiscate the ticket, and terminate the Nomad Club account from which the award was redeemed. All unused points in the terminated account will be cancelled.

d) Other Award Conditions

  1. Stopovers
    One stopover is allowed on flight award itineraries in case Air Astana does not provide direct flights to a preferred destination. Stopover should not exceed 24 hours. Upgrade award stopovers are subject to the conditions of the original ticket.
  2. Open Jaw Tickets
    Open jaw tickets are allowed (i.e. passenger may arrive in one city and return from another) as long as both cities are within the same award zone.
  3. Validity of Awards Tickets
    Award tickets are valid for one year after the date of issue stated on the ticket. Validity of award tickets cannot be extended and points for expired tickets cannot be reinstated.
  4. Changes of Travel Date
    Changes to date of travel of Award ticket can be made free of charge only once, and if seats are available in the designated award booking classes. All the following changes to Award ticket require the return of the Award ticket with the subtraction of 3 000 points from the personal account or payment of a fine of 5,000 tenge and reissue of a new Award ticket. Changes must be made not later than 24 hours before departure shown on the ticket. To do this, Members must call Air Astana Call Center or ticket sales office.
  5. Re-Depositing of Unused Awards
    After receiving a confirmation from program member for an award travel Nomad Club agents withdraw points from member account. Once points are withdrawn from member account an award ticket is considered as issued.
    Points for wholly unused flight awards or upgrade can be re-deposited to the account from which it was issued with a deduction of 5,000 points. Members must forward the wholly unused and valid award ticket to the Nomad Club Service Centre along with a request to re-deposit the award. Please allow up to seven (7) days for processing. Points for partially used or expired tickets cannot be re-deposited. While re-depositing points due to expiry will not be reinstated.
  6. Other Award Changes
    Changes of routing, class of service, name, and all other changes require a re-depositing of the old award and issuance of a new award. Unless the Member has sufficient points for the new award, the old award must be re-deposited before the new award can be issued. Members must allow at least seven (7) working days for Nomad Club Service Centre to process award re-deposit.
  7. Lost/Stolen Award Tickets
    Standard airline procedure for lost/stolen ticket re-issue applies for lost/stolen award tickets. Please contact the nearest Air Astana ticketing office or Nomad Club Service Centre for information.

6. Elite Programs and Benefits

Air Astana offers additional benefits to its most frequent flyers through the Nomad Club Silver and Nomad Club Gold programs, jointly referred to as Elite programs.

  1. To qualify for Elite membership, Nomad Club members must fulfill the following requirements within one calendar year (1 January to 31 December):

    Elite Level Qualification Requirements

    Nomad Club Silver
    25 000 flight points or 30 flown segments

    Nomad Club Gold
    50 000 flight points or 60 flown segments
  2. Only flight points are eligible for Elite qualification. Any other bonus points and partner points will not be counted toward Elite qualification.
  3. Elite program membership is valid from the day of qualification until the remainder of the qualification year plus fourteen months. For example, if a member accumulates 25,000 points on 01 August 2008, his/her Nomad Club Silver membership will remain valid through 28 February 2010.
  4. If an Elite program member continues to fly the required number of points or segments in each calendar year, he/she will maintain the corresponding Elite status and will continue to enjoy the associated Elite benefits. Nomad Club Gold members who do not re-qualify for the Gold membership, will automatically become Silver members and will be entitled to the Silver benefits. Nomad Club Silver members who do not re-qualify for the Silver membership, will automatically become general members and will be entitled to general membership benefits. The member shall use their Blue membership card to continue earning points.
  5. Elite members are entitled to the following additional benefits for the duration of their Elite membership validity:

    Elite Level Benefits

Elite Level Benefits

Nomad Club Silver

  • 25% bonus points
  • Check-in priority
  • 10 kg additional checked-in baggage allowance
  • Personalized luggage tags
  • Monthly statements with activity

Nomad Club Gold

  • 50% bonus points
  • Check-in priority
  • Business Class lounge access
  • 20 kg additional checked-in baggage allowance
  • Priority on reservation waitlist
  • Personalized luggage tags
  • Monthly statements with activity

  1. Nomad Club Silver and Nomad Club Gold member accounts will be credited additional 25% or 50% Elite bonus points respectively for each eligible Air Astana flight. The bonus is calculated based on the flight points applicable for the purchased ticket as described in Section 4 Earning Points above. Elite bonus points are not eligible for Elite status qualification.
  2. When traveling in Economy Class, Nomad Club Silver and Nomad Club Gold members are entitled to check in for their flights at the Business Class check-in counter. This benefit is offered only at the airports where separate Business Class check-in facilities are offered. Members must present a valid Nomad Club Silver or Nomad Club Gold card to take advantage of this benefit.
  3. Nomad Club Silver members are entitled to an extra 10 kg baggage allowance in addition to the ticketed baggage allowance. Nomad Club Gold members are entitled to an extra 20 kg baggage allowance in addition to the ticketed baggage allowance. The extra baggage allowance is applicable to the checked-in baggage only.
  4. Nomad Club Gold members can use Business Class lounge facilities when traveling in Economy Class. Business Class lounge facilities are currently available in Almaty, Astana airports and at all Air Astana international destinations. Members must present a valid Nomad Club Gold card to the check-in staff to take advantage of this benefit.
  5. Priority on reservation waitlist: Nomad Club Gold members benefit from reservation priority on waitlist. To enjoy this priority simply register your membership number at the time of booking.
  6. Air Astana reserves the right to modify the qualification requirements for Nomad Club Elite programs or benefits offered to the Nomad Club Elite members.

7. Password

  1. A password is needed to access Nomad Club account information or modify member profile online. Such password will be issued when a person applies for Nomad Club membership through Air Astana website or logs into his/her personal account using an existing membership number for the first time.
  2. Members are responsible for safeguarding their password and should not share them with anyone.
  3. Members are responsible for all transactions made with the use of their passwords with or without members’ knowledge or consent. Air Astana is under no obligation to verify the authenticity of any person who performs transactions through the use of a valid password.
  4. Air Astana will not be held liable for any loss or damage due to unauthorized use of passwords.

8. Personal Data Change

  1. Program member is responsible for his personal data existing in the member profile and for any change made in it.
  2. Program can change his personal data (passport, last name) by submitting the Personal Data Change Form to Nomad Club Service Centre. The form has to be accompanied with copies of proof documents such as copy of new passport, marriage certificate and others.
  3. If changes are required in member contact details (phone number, address) the member can update information in his/her membership profile available on Air Astana website, Nomad Club page. Member should use his membership number and password to access to his/her profile. Should the member wish to submit the Personal Data Change Form it should be supplemented with a copy of passport or ID with member signature clearly shown on it.
  4. If Program finds the submitted documents inadequate or dubious it has right to decline change of personal data or request additional proof documents from a member.
  5. Program Member can change his email address in his membership profile on Air Astana website, on Nomad Club page by entering 9-digit membership number and password. Program member is responsible for his/her personal email address as well as for membership number and password used for any changes made in the profile.

9. Other Provisions

  1. Air Astana reserves the right to terminate or modify the Nomad Club program at any time without providing an advance notice.
  2. Any amendments to Nomad Club Terms & Conditions become binding to all members as soon as they are publicly available on Air Astana website. Continued use of the program by members will be deemed as acceptance of the current Terms & Conditions.
  3. Air Astana will make a reasonable effort to notify members if it decides to terminate or modify the program, however Air Astana shall not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from such modification or termination of the program.
  4. Any breach of these Terms and Conditions by a member, whether intentional or otherwise, may result in termination of membership and cancellation of points, awards, or benefits at the sole discretion of Air Astana.
  5. Nomad Club materials will be available in languages other than English. The English version will prevail for questions of interpretation.
  6. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Kazakhstan.