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    What is Web Check-In?

    Web Check-In is a fast and convenient way to check-in for your flight

    On the day of departure, you can:

    Check-in for your flight and check-in passengers travelling with you

    Select your seat on the plane

    Print your boarding pass

    Complete your personal details required by the customs services

    Who can use Web Check-In?

    You can check-in online for your Air Astana scheduled flight and for any connecting flight(s)

    The following passenger categories have to check-in at the airport:

    Unaccompanied minors

    Passengers with an extra seat

    Passengers on a stretcher

    How to check-in?

    To check-in, you have to complete these steps:


    Booking selection

    Passenger selection


    Personal data update

    Boarding Pass printing

    You can also use the following services if needed:

    Seat change

    Frequent Flyer update


    How to identify?

    To identify, you need to enter the following information:

    • Surname: as it is written on the booking confirmation
    • Boarding point: The name of the airport you initially depart from

    A form of identification. Your booking can be retrieved by different means:

    • Booking reference: A 6-digit alphanumeric code  (e.g. ABC123)
    • Ticket number: A 13-digit number (e.g. 4652400623623)
    • Frequent flyer number: A frequent flyer number for one of the passengers on the booking (e.g. 102061982)
    • Passport Number: A number (up to 25 characters)

      The identification will be complete only if the form of identification is on the booking. The Booking Reference and the Ticket Number are always listed on the booking.

      What is "I want to check additional passengers in" used for?

      If you are travelling with friends or family, you can check in together by ticking this box, even if you are on different bookings.

      What if my frequent flyer programme not appear on the list?

      Only airline and airline partners’ frequent flyer cards can be used. If your frequent flyer programme does not appear on the list, you must use another means of identification to retrieve your booking.

      Booking selection

      What is booking selection?

      More than one booking may be retrieved. In this case, you have to select the booking you want to check-in for. If you have only one booking, this screen will not appear.

      Passenger selection

      Why can some passengers not be selected?

      Some passengers may already be checked-in or these passengers may have requested extra-services which are only available at airport check-in. The passenger names are displayed for informational purposes but no modification can be made for them.

      If you have a request regarding any passengers, please call customer services or contact an airport agent.

      What is the "add another passenger" functionality?

      If you are travelling with other people who are on the same or another booking, you can add them to check-in and be seated together. These passengers must be on the same flight and in the same class listings as you in order to be accepted by the check-in process.


      What ifmy frequent flyer does not appear?

      The frequent flyer is displayed if it is found on the booking. If you do not see it this means that the frequent flyer is not on the booking. You can add it by clicking on the "add frequent flyer" button.

      Why am I unable to select some flights?

      Some flights are on different airlines and cannot be checked-in online. You need to go to the airport to check in for these flights.

      What does "free seating" instead of my seat number mean?

      On domestic flights, you can sit wherever you want on the plane. Boarding is on a first boarded, first served basis. Therefore, you cannot select your seat for these flights.

      Personal data update

      Why do I have to provide my personal data?

      On international flights, some countries customs require specific passenger data before you are allowed to enter the country. For these flights, we have to enter the data before allowing you to board the plane. You can use Web Check-In to enter the data. If you don't have the data, you can still check-in but you will have to provide the data at the airport before you can obtain your boarding pass.

      The airline does not use the data provided for any other purpose than to fulfill customs requirements. Your data will not be stored nor used once the custom process is completed.

      Boarding pass printing

      Why can't I print some boarding passes?

      Some security requirements forbid us to print boarding passes. In this case, the security reason is displayed next to the passenger name. You are still checked-in and you can collect your boarding pass at the airport once security requirements are complete.

      Seat change

      How can I select a seat?

      To select a seat, you have to select a passenger on the left column and then select an available seat on the seat map. You can do that for all passengers in your party and then confirm the new seat or cancel the seat change and return to the confirmation page and have the previous assigned seat.

      Why has my seat change not been validated?

      It may happen that while you were selecting your seat, another passenger requested the seats you selected. In this case, other seats have been assigned to you. You can return to the seat map to request other seats.

      Another possible reason is that you you swapped seats between the different passengers of  your group. You should instead keep your seats and change them once you are on the plane.

      Frequent flyer update

      Why does my frequent flyer programme not appear on the list?

      Only airline and airline partners frequent flyer cards can be used. If your frequent flyer programme does not appear on the list, you cannot apply for miles for this flight.