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    1. Is it possible to order a special type of meal to be served on your aircraft?

    Air Astana is pleased to offer special meals to suit special dietary needs. You may request a special meal at the time of booking or when buying your ticket. Special meals must be requested no later than 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of your flight.

    2. Is it possible for a child to travel on Air Astana flights without being accompanied?

    Children aged between 5 and 16 may travel on Air Astana flights without being accompanied.  Our dedicated and well-trained staff will assist your child during check-in, will take care of him or her on board the aircraft, and accompany him or her after landing.  For further information, please contact your local Air Astana office or call centre.

    3. Can my pet travel in the passenger cabin with me?

    Yes, subject to conditions. Your pet must be kept inside a special pet container at all times. The maximum size of the pet container is 30 x 47 x 27 cm (for all aircraft types except the Fokker F50, where the container should be no larger than 29 x 43 x 26 cm in order to fit under the seat). The maximum weight is 8 kg (17 lb) for a pet, including the container. Only one container per passenger is allowed.

    Alternatively, your pet may also be transported as checked baggage and carried in the aircraft hold (2 times the normal excess baggage rates apply) or it can be transported as cargo (special cargo rates apply). Further information can be found in the Carriage of Pets section of this website.

    4. Are there special services for passengers with reduced mobility?

    Yes. We have designed a range of services to assist passengers with reduced mobility.  If you have reduced mobility please contact the Air Astana Special Services desk (special.services@airastana.com) to arrange any of the special services. These are listed below with guidelines on what you can expect from us.


    WCHR – for passengers who can ascend and descend steps and make their own way to and from the cabin seat but require wheelchair assistance to cover long distances.

    WCHS – for passengers who cannot ascend and descend steps (requiring carrying), but are able to make their own way to and from cabin seat (these passengers also require a wheelchair to cover long distances).

    WCHC – for passengers who are completely immobile and require a wheelchair to and from aircraft (who must be carried up and down steps, and to and from their cabin seat).

    If you have your own wheelchair it will be carried as checked baggage free of charge.


    Passengers who can be transported only on stretches can be accepted for transportation on Air Astana flights.   The request must be sent to special.services@airastana.com at least 72 hours before departure.  Passengers should arrange their own transportation to and from each airport.  Due to its limited size, Air Astana can not carry stretcher passengers on board the Fokker-50 (F50) aircraft.  Each stretcher case must be accompanied by at least one additional passenger.

    In order to give our passengers the best possible assistance, please send all relevant information to us at least 36 hours before departure (72 hours for stretchers). To request special assistance, please e-mail us at special.services@airastana.com.

    5. Are there any special regulations for expectant mothers?

    According to the rules of Air Astana, expectant mother can be accepted on flights before 36 weeks of pregnancy if one baby is expected, and 32 weeks of pregnancy if more than one baby is expected. Once you have entered your 28th week of pregnancy, a doctor’s certificate obtained not more than 3 days before departure is required. If a pregnant woman has had medical problems during pregnancy, she should consult her own physician even when travelling in the early stages of pregnancy. The small decrease in cabin pressure during the flight is not known to have an adverse effect on the mother or unborn child. Depending on her overall physical condition, the pregnant passenger may not be accepted for transportation by the decision of the flight crew and ground services.

    6. How do I make arrangements for other special needs?

    Please contact your local Air Astana office and we will make every effort to meet your needs.