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  • Failure of Computerized Check-in System at Almaty Airport

    28 June 2011

    Air Astana regrets to inform its passengers that the computerized check-in services have not been available at the Almaty International Airport domestic check-in area and limited in the international check-in area as of 16:30, 27 June 2011 till 12.00, 28 June 2011. Failure of the computerized check-in services at the Almaty Airport led to up to two hours delays of 38 flights.

    Air Astana is awaiting an explanation from Almaty International Airport.

    Under the Check-In Registration Agreement between the Almaty International Airport and Air Astana, the support for Common Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE) used for check-in services is part of the services that the Almaty Airport provides and Air Astana pays for.

    Air Astana staff use this platform provided by the Almaty International Airport in order to perform check-in. Air Astana does not manage this platform or its communication connections.

    The interaction with the platform and communication provider (SITA) is managed by the Almaty Airport.  Previously SITA was completely managing the platform at the airport terminals on behalf of the Almaty International Airport.  It is understood that starting from Jan 2011 Almaty International Airport took over this maintenance functionality of the terminal computers from SITA.

    The Almaty International Airport failed to follow up with SITA effectively and could not resolve the problem quickly that started on 16:30 on 27 June.

    Air Astana experts have been urging and communicating with the relevant parties through the night in order to resolve the problem that occurred only at the Almaty International Airport but not at any other airports that the airline operates and make use of the same system.

    Air Astana regrets the inconvenience caused to its passengers. Now computerized check-in services is available at the Almaty International Airport. Air Astana will undertake all efforts in order to recover from the delays caused by the unavailability of check-in services at the Almaty Airport.