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  • Best Airport Partner 2010

    29 March 2011

    Karaganda Airport Wins Air Astana’s Best Airport Partner Award for 2010

    Air Astana has selected Karaganda Airport for the “Best Airport Partner” award for 2010, with Peter Foster, President of Air Astana presenting the award to Daulet Khamzin, Chairman of board of directors of Karaganda’s Sary-Arka Airport at a ceremony in Almaty.

    The competition for the “Best Airport Partner” was launched by Air Astana last year, with the intention of promoting the highest quality of airport service development across the country. National airports offering advanced infrastructure, new generation equipment and high standards of service and safety are eligible to compete in this newly established annual competition.

    Karaganda’s Sary-Arka airport received the “Best Airport Partner” award on the basis of the following criteria.

    Firstly, Karaganda’s Sary-Arka airport is equipped with the most advanced equipment, which allows it to accept all types of aircrafts without restrictions. Secondly, the airport has invested in the latest generation of aircraft de-icing and runway clearing equipment, as well as training all personnel to the highest international standards. This step has allowed the airport to maintain safe and efficient operations even in the most challenging winter conditions, which has been a huge benefit to airport users including Air Astana. Thirdly, the airport has installed the latest IT systems for efficient processing of passengers and their baggage from the point of check-in to boarding their flight. Advanced technologies are also deployed for security screening to ensure that high safety standards are maintained. Finally, Karaganda airport offers the most advanced cargo terminal in Kazakhstan. All of these high standard services are provided at a very reasonable cost.

    “Airlines and airports are totally inter-dependent entities, which rely on each other to ensure safe, timely and efficient operation of aircraft, passenger processing and provision of ground services. Karaganda Airport proved to an outstanding service provider throughout 2010 and I’m delighted to make this well earned Best Airport Partner award today. My sincere thanks go to the airport’s management for building this mutually beneficial partnership,” said Peter Foster, President of Air Astana.