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  • On-Time Performance

    Today, almost every major international airline charts their “On-Time Performance” as one of the measures of their operational efficiency.

    A flight is regarded  as "on time" if it departs or arrives no later than 15 minutes from its scheduled published departure or arrival time. Arrival performance is based on arrival at the gate whilst departure performance is based on departure from the gate.

    The following table is a summary of Air Astana’s On-Time Performance:

    On-time performance within
    15 min
    Last week90%
    30 week average90%

    Certain delays can be due by to circumstances within the airline's control (e.g. aircraft maintenance, crew duty times), whilst other delays such as adverse weather conditions, airport operations, security breaches or the late arrival of the aircraft from the previous flight, are beyond the control of the airline.

    Air Astana abides by International Air Transport safety guidelines with regards to delays, cancellation or postponement of flights and at all times passenger safety is considered as the highest priority.


  • Data supplied by:

    Eurocontrol - Central Office of Delay Analysis

    USA - Bureau of Transportation Statistics