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  • Hong Kong (HKG)

    Country: China (HKG SAR)


    4140 km/2572 miles


    5 hours 55 minutes from Almaty to Hong Kong, 6 hours 45 minutes from Hong Kong to Almaty


    GMT +8 (year round)


    Hong Kong has a sub-tropical climate with distinct seasons. The only predictable weather events that could have a significant impact on your travel plans are typhoons which usually happen between May to November.

    Spring (March to May)
    Temperature and humidity are rising. Evenings can be cool.
    Average Temperature: 17oC – 26 oC

    Summer (June to August)
    Hot, humid and sunny, with occasional showers and thunderstorms. The temperature can exceed 31°C but high humidity levels can make it feel even hotter.
    Average Temperature: 26oC – 31 oC

    Autumn (September to November)
    There are pleasant breezes, plenty of sunshine and comfortable temperatures. Many people regard these as the best months of the year to visit Hong Kong.
    Average Temperature: 19oC – 28 oC

    Winter (December to February)
    Cool, dry and cloudy, with occasional cold fronts. The temperature can drop below 10°C in urban areas.
    Average Temperature: 12oC – 20 oC


    Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is located about 40 km from city centre.

    Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is served by a highly efficient and comprehensive transport network, making it easy to get to and from. 

    The Airport Express links HKIA directly to Hong Kong's central business district and buses connect the airport with most part of the city.

    While taxis and coaches provide additional choices for passengers, there are also limousines which take passengers to their destinations directly.  


    Kazakhstan passport holders DO NOT REQUIRE A VISA to enter into HKG for a maximum stay of 14 days. 


    Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

    Notes: 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 


    Government: 08:45–17:45, Monday to Friday
    Banks: 09:00–17:00, Monday to Friday & 09:00–13:00 on Saturday
    Shops: 10:00–22:00, Monday to Sunday 


    Cantonese & English


    220V, 50Hz. The majority of electrical outlets in Hong Kong take a three-pronged UK-style plug. 


    International car rental companies, taxis, public buses, tram, ferry and metro (MTR). 


    Positioned at the mouth of the Pearl River Delta on the coast of southern China, Hong Kong’s geographical position as a gateway between the East and West has made it an attractive centre for international trade. As a reflection of this, the heart of Asia’s world city has always been the bustling and beautiful Victoria Harbour. Hong Kong Island lies to the south of the harbour, while the Kowloon Peninsula forms its northern shores. To the north of Kowloon lies the New Territories, which stretch all the way to Mainland China. Hong Kong is also home to more than 200 Outlying Islands, including Lantau Island, where Hong Kong International Airport is located. 

    HKG is famous for shopping, dining, amusement park, beautiful landscape as well as culture & heritage experience especially with her historical background with China & the West. It’s fun to visit HKG throughout the year as you will find different festivals that you will find it great to experience.

From Depart
International: 2 to 11 yrs. Domestic: 2 to 14 yrs.
less than 2 yrs.