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    Located in the Caspian lowlands, where the Ural River flows into the Caspian Sea, Atyrau is the centre of the oil industry and the production of red fish and black caviar. It sits in two continents at the same time, Europe and Asia, situated on either side of the Ural River. Atyrau’s history goes back to 1645 when it was founded by the Russian trader Gury Nazarov and was named Guryev in his honour (later renamed Atyrau in 1991). The city was strategically important and has a rich history of events. Today, Atyrau is the regional centre of the Atyrau province, one of the most important harbours of Kazakhstan along with Aktau; it is the main hydrocarbon region of Kazakhstan and a promising investment market. Book your flight to Atyrau with Air Astana and visit this rich and generous land in the west of Kazakhstan.

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  • Atyrau (GUW)

    Country: Kazakhstan


    The climate is very hot in summer (40-42 °C) and cold in winter (-20-25 °C). The relative humidity in summer is not more than 37% but in winter is 80-84%. Atyrau is known for strong winds, dust storms and an arid climate.


    The Airport is located 5 km from the city centre. Visitors must take a taxi to and from the airport because there is no public transport.

    Transport to the city centre and charges: taxi KZT 600-800 (approximate).


    Foreign citizens require a passport with a valid visa.Visa requirements for Kazakhstan are described in the Essential Information/Visa  and Passport Information section of this website. Another useful section is  Diplomatic Missions. For more detailed information about visa requirements, please refer directly to the local immigration authorities or your travel agent.


    Kazakh Tenge (KZT)
    Notes: 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000
    Coins: 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100


    Government: 0900 to 1800 from Monday to Friday
    Banks: 0900 to 1600 from Monday to Friday
    Shops: 0900 to 1900 from Monday to Sunday


    Kazakh, Russian


    Buses operate from 0700 until 2100; taxis operate 24 hrs:
    Taxi service: Voyazh – 052;
    Bipek Avto – 158000;
    Ritm – 055;
    Centre – 082;
    Guryev – 326868.


    Atyrau is famous as the Oil Capital of Kazakhstan. Oil, gas, mineral extraction and fisheries are the main industries, and the region is rich in mineral resources, especially hydrocarbons. The region has the immense Tengiz oil field, which began to be developed in the 1990s. The Ural River divides Atyrau into two parts: one in Europe and one in Asia. Atyrau claims the world’s longest footbridge, which is mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records.

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